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Joslyn Castle (Omaha) – What to know Before You Go

Joslyn Castle
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Joslyn Castle welcomes you to get familiar with where you live. Come explore the Joslyn family’s enduring heritage in Omaha by taking a visit through their home or going to a Joslyn Castle occasion.

About The Joslyn Castle

The Joslyn Castle fills in as a physical notice of the tremendous altruistic heritages of its original residents, George, and Sarah Joslyn. The Joslyns trusted that “the possession of great wealth is a great trust and obligation.”

As stewards of their home and their heritage, the Joslyn Castle gives chances to our cutting edge network to associate with our founders through chronicled, instructive, and social programming for the community. Our 2018 programming schedule offers remarkable commitment with theater, craftsmanship, history, nature, music, engineering, artistic expressions, and that’s just the beginning.

Along with the cultural programming, the Joslyn Castle offers routinely booked open visits, chances to lease the Castle for private and business occasions and a free public green space in the core of Midtown Omaha.

Joslyn Castle History

In 1903, George and Sarah Joslyn finished one of Nebraska’s most noteworthy homes—a 35-room Scottish Baronial house on a hill on Omaha’s edges.

The four-story house was completed at a cost of $250,000—about $7 million in 21st-century dollars. The construction was completed in 11 months and was amazing, given the rich use of carved wood, stained glass, chiseled stone, mosaic tiles, and wrought iron

The Castle and the carriage house were built of Kansas Silverdale limestone.


The Castle incorporates a meeting room, ballroom, music room, a library, and gold drawing room. The storm cellar at one time housed a bowling alley. With the expansion of a music room in 1906, the house totaled 19,360 square feet. The inside of the home’s studio was structured via scene designer Jens Jensen in 1913

George Joslyn passed away in 1916, in his sixties. Sarah lived on the 5.5-acres of land domain until her passing in 1940 at age 88. From 1944 to 1989, the home filled in as the home office of the Omaha Public Schools’ authoritative workplaces.

Amid their residency, numerous progressions were made to the Castle to oblige the staff including the establishment of an advanced central heating and cooling framework, a lift, and separate male and female bathrooms.

To protect the trustworthiness of this design treasure, the State of Nebraska took title 20 years back, and the Joslyn Castle Trust has managed it from that point onward. In 2010, the association obtained the Castle and grounds from the state

The castle is an Omaha Landmark Historic Structure and on the National Register of Historic Places for national noteworthiness. The grounds are a piece of the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does a guided tour of Joslyn Castle cost?

10.00 dollars per adult.

When is the castle open for visitors?

Every Monday at 10:30 am and 12:30 pm

First and Third Sunday of every month at 1 pm, 2 pm, and 3 pm.

How old is Joslyn castle?

The Joslyn Castle is 116 years old.

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