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About The Louisville Zoo

The Louisville Zoological Gardens, a non-benefit association and state zoo of Kentucky, is devoted to its main goal to “Better the Bond Between People and Our Planet” by giving magnificent care to creatures, an extraordinary experience for guests, and administration in protection instruction.

The Zoo’s collections which incorporate professional flowerbeds are accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The Louisville Zoo is additionally an organization of Louisville Metro Government.

New At The Zoo

  • Red-tailed
    Schmidt’s Monkeys
  • Colobus Monkeys
  • Snow Leopard Meru
  • Addax
  • Giraffe
  • African Lion
  • Komodo Dragon
  • Southern White Rhino
  • Gray Seal
the Louisville Zoo
the Louisville Zoo

Exhibit Zones

    It showcases the animals that have newly arrived in the zoo

    Explore the grounds of Africa! Experience the glory of the world’s tallest warm-blooded animals, the giraffe! Get very close with one of the world’s rarest antelopes, the addax! Experience the grandness of the elephants — the world’s biggest living area well-evolved creature. Meet a group of Hartmann’s zebras, ride a camel, visit the Boma African Petting Zoo and trek through the cool, obscure entries of Gorilla Forest.


    Eat, unwind and play as you visit the land down-under ideal here in Louisville. Walkabout with wallabies and wallaroos, feed nectar to the bright lorikeets, “grab a feed” at the Wild Burger and after that explore the Billabong Playabout! Only a short stroll from the Zoo Splash Park, it’s the ideal open door for families to learn and play together.


    Drench yourself in the sights and spunds of an imaginary gold mining town on the edge of the cold wild. Grant winning Glacier Run will transport you to a spot where mankind and nature endeavor to exist together.


    The HerpAquarium at the Louisville Zoo is jam-pressed with rad reptiles, shocking snakes, and beguiling bats. Explore the universe of heartless critters while getting very close with a frog, Gila beasts, gigantic boa constrictors, and the sky is the limit from there.


    Experience the sights and sounds of the Islands and explore their environmental fortunes. Come nose-to-nose with the appalling orangutans. Wonder about the smooth stripes of the Sumatran tigers. Fall down before the Cuban crocodiles and let your trek take off as you exploring the lavish flying creature way. Flock to the little penguins in Penguin Cove.


    From the Amazon to the Andes, the South American Zone is home to an astonishing presentation of animals. Drench yourself in the regular scenes of South America. Get mesmerized to the Jaguars, search out the subtle elusive maned wolves, traipse close to the guanacos and experience the flamboyance of the flamingos.


    Would love to find out about your favorite animal ambassadors? Adore with the excellent blossoms, you stop to appreciate? Discover progressively about the plants and creatures that call your Zoo home!

Zoo Membership

Zoo Membership is your Frequent Fun Pass! Plus, it supports critical conservation and educational programs. For all the following information, please visit the official website:

  • Membership Benefits
  • Membership Levels & Prices
  • Gift Cards and E-Gift Membership Options
  • How to Purchase or Renew a Membership
  • Membership Frequently Asked Questions
  • Reciprocal Zoo Discounts
  • Member Specials
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What should I do if I find an injured or what appears to be an abandoned animal?
A. The Louisville Zoo cannot accept injured or orphaned animals.
Q. How many animals do you have?
A. The Louisville Zoo has more than 1,200 animals in care. Top picks have gorillas, lions, tigers, penguins, grizzly and polar bears, seals and ocean lions, giraffes, dwarf hippos, orangutans, reptiles, several beautiful winged animals and some more.
Q. Will all the animals be out when I visit? Why are some not out when I visit?
A. There are various reasons why a few animals may not be on open show when you visit: standard support on displays; new display development; medical problems and tests or preparing; rooms are frequently left open so animals have the significant options they have to go all through their room/off-display spaces, particularly when climate conditions are an issue; if there are babies or breeding protocols; and if haziness is included, to give some examples. A couple of shows including Glacier Run, the Islands, and Gorilla Forest have animal management programs that require the turn of creatures on and off display just as all through the show spaces to accommodate extra improvement, diversity of day by day encounters and rest and time with zookeepers/mentors. Need is given to the wellbeing and prosperity of the creatures consistently.
Q. Can I bring my service dog to the Zoo?
A. Service dogs are allowed. Emotional-support, comfort and companion animals are not allowed for the security of our collection.  Please tell the Zoo’s Reception zone or ticket taker about your service dog.
Q. Can I purchase tickets and memberships online?
A. Yes. Please visit the official website for further details.
Q. Do you charge for parking?
A. A $6 fee per vehicle is assessed for guests parking in the Zoo’s lot, payable at the Admission windows.
Q. Can I bring food or coolers into the Zoo?
A. Food and coolers are welcome at the Louisville Zoo.
Q. Is there a separate fee for the Splash Park?
A. No, admission is currently included with your Zoo Membership or regular Zoo admission.
Q. Do you have a Zip Line?
A. No, we do not feature this attraction.
Q. Do you have discounts for the military?
A. We do have several levels of military discounts. A valid military ID is required


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