The Museum of World Treasures

The Museum of World Treasures

Where would you be able to find accounts of dried up bones and long-lost creatures, wonder about Egyptian mummies, reveal the insider facts of antiquated ancient civilizations, and enter the combat zones of World Wars? The Museum of World Treasures! With three stories of displays and astonishments around each corner, you’ll open the narratives of the past!

The Museum of World Treasures additionally offers a stand-out dinner room ideal for weddings, birthday celebrations, gatherings, and the sky is the limit from there.

Your visitors will be stunned by the one of a kind setting and immaculate downtown area. With sensible evaluating and open providing food, you will discover our space adaptable and moderate.


Dr. Jon and Lorna Kardatzke established the Museum of World Treasures as a not-for-profit association in 2001 at the Garvey Center in downtown Wichita, Kansas. Around two years after the fact – because of huge development – the Museum moved to the notable “Farm & Art Market” working in Old Town.

The structure is found only east of downtown and is a changed over previous paper stockroom. Old Town offers a dynamic blend of eateries, shops, clubs, and attractions in focal Wichita.

The Museum of World Treasures
Museum of world treasures Wichita


There are numerous accounts to find in every one of our displays, which highlight curios from around the globe and all through time. You will investigate history recently with shrunken heads, dinosaurs, mummies, and that’s just the beginning — all before you!

  • Natural History
    • Fossil Hall
    • Sea Creatures Of The Plains
    • Form & Function
    • Crystalizing Cultures
  • Military Exhibitions
    • Civil War
    • World War I
    • World War II
    • Through the Lens
    • Forgotten Heroes
    • Berlin Wall
  • American History
    • Founding of America
    • Presidents Hall
  • World Civilisations
    • Mesopotamia
    • Egypt
    • Greece
    • Rome
    • Treasures From The Grave
    • Africa
    • Transcend

Exploring The Museum!

1st Floor

  • Fossil Gallery
    • T-Rex Ivan
  • Sea Creatures of the Plains
    • Logan the Tylosaurus
  • Ancient Civilizations Gallery
    • Roman coin timeline
    • Redware pottery
    • Mummies
    • Shrunken head
    • Buddha collection

2nd Floor

  • Military Galleries
    • First-hand interviews
    • Trench replica
    • Uniform display
    • Weaponry
  • Founding of America
    • Declaration, 1843
  • Creating the Crown
    • Royal documents
    • Swords and firearms

3rd Floor

  • Ivan’s Playhouse
    • Stage
    • Puppet theatre
    • Lego wall
    • Coloring station
  • Old West
    • Gatling gun

Want To Host Your Party?

The Museum provides rental space to host corporate and non-corporate events. You can find all the information relating to rent and space booking on the official website of the Museum of World Treasures.

The Museum of World Treasures
World Treasures museum

Education Experience

History is progressively fun when you encountered antiquities, get the opportunity to finish hands-on exercises, and have gallery experts close by to handle the majority of your inquiries.

We offer field trips, youth programs, family evenings, camp-ins, and other instructive chances. Our definitive objective is to move long-lasting learning among our visitors, both young and old.

History of Rich Blog Entries

Love to read about history like knowing about the Greek fire, knowing about The Nutcracker, Tea Culture in China and Japan, the Eclipse Mythology, Museum Etiquette 101 and more. Just head to the official website with a bowl of popcorn to the blog section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What are the hours of the visit?
A. The museum is open on
Mon-Sat: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sun: Noon – 5 p.m.
The Museum of World Treasures is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

Q. What is the admission fee?
A. There is an admission fee for the visitors, below is the chart:
Children 3 and under: FREE
Children 4 – 12 $7.95Adults: $9.95
Senior 65+: $8.95
Family Day Pass:
(2 Adults / 2 Youth) $32.95
Family Day Pass add adult: +$8.95
Family Day Pass add youth: +$6.95

Q. What is the address of the Museum of World Treasures?
A. 835 E. 1st Street, Wichita, Kansas 67202

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