things to do in dallas with kids
things to do in dallas with kids

Things to do in Dallas | Dallas, being the third most populous city in Taxes and ninth most populous city in the United States, provides an extensive range of opportunities for fun activities to do with kids. Lately, it is one of the fastest-growing cities in America. The city is also well-known for many reasons.

Historically this city has been a centre of cotton and oil industries. Unfortunately, this is the same place where one of the country’s most influential leaders, John Franklin Kennedy, met his infamous assassination in Dallas while he was in his presidential motorcade in Dealey Plaza.

Although it is a tourist friendly city, Dallas is a wonderful place when it comes to fun things to do in Dallas with kids.

1A Visit to Dallas Arboretum

dallas arboretum and botanical garden
Source : Wikimedia

Situated on the Shore of White Rock Lake, Dallas Arboretum is a botanical garden of sixty-six acres. It is an awesome place to spend time with kids, providing many chances and moments for entertainment and exploration purposes.

It is a series of gardens, and the Lay Family Garden furnish its guests’ new interpretations of the old garden. The garden has specially designed picnic areas for kids too.

2The Dallas Museum of Art

Dallas Museum of Art
Source : Wikimedia

For what it serves in the context of arts, this museum is considered a great museum in the United States of America. Any small or big family can treat themselves by making this museum one of their picnic spot. This Park is a cultural hub and a home to a large collection of old artistic works from Picasso to Gauguin and from Rodin to Monet.

This park is a manifestation of how the history of arts and architecture developed and evolved. The horizon of arts in this place encompasses preserves arts from different ages of human development, including Greek, Roman, Anglo-American, Red Indian, African, Central American and Indo-European arts and architectures.

3The World Aquarium and the kids

World Aquarium Dallas
Source : Flickr

Being part art cooperative breeding agenda which is a program to connect zoos around the world, this aquarium houses many endangered species. These amazing animals especially the mammals would certainly attract kids’ attention providing entertainment as well as education.

Feature animals from different regions of the world ranging from the Amazon to Gobi desert enhance the importance of the place in the perspective of infotainment. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the famous Ancient Mayan Exhibit and Flooded Forest.

4Texas School Book Depository

Texas School Book Depository
Source : Wikimedia

Associated with the infamous assassination of John F. Kennedy, it is a seven-floor building and renamed as Dallas County Administration Building in 2015. It is a tourist’s favorite spot in Dallas. The sixth floor of this building is exclusively dedicated to presidential life and policies of the extraordinary leader President John Franklin Kennedy.

The audio guide in the building makes the visit much educational. Also, this Book Depository harbors food shop and gift points. While going through the book stalls and selecting items like films and beautiful gifts, visitors can enjoy different food items from the cafe.

5Enjoy Dallas Fair Park Summer Musicals with Kids

Dallas Fair Park Summer Musicals
Source : Wikimedia

Summer Musicals is a series of diverse and varied musical shows that goes up at the Fair Park in specially built musical halls. With a great deal of music, children with musical tastes will certainly enjoy this. The prices of tickets vary and almost all prices are pretty much high, but affordable prices are also available at some points.

As far as the park itself concerned, there are almost six interactive zones, everything to an eye level. So, children would learn many fascinating things about different aspects of life.

6Peeping into the Texas Theatre

Peeping into the Texas Theatre
Source : Wikimedia

The first ever luxurious theatre in the United States setting new trends theatric life got fame after the arrest of Lee Oswald, who killed John F. Kennedy and a police officer. This is an excellent place for top fun. To watch a movie or a specific event in the theatre would be one big treat anyone could offer to his/her family and kids.

The theatre has shown some tremendous performances like Charlotte’s Web and Peter Pan. The crew at the theatre is extremely talented, the shows are worth watching especially with families and kids as these are so informative and inspiring.

7Getting familiarized with the Dallas Zoo

Dallas Zoo
Source : Wikimedia

It is the innate behavior of children that they are more inclined towards animals than older peers. Hence, Dallas Zoo is an ideal place for children where they can enjoy to their full. The zoo is stretched over a 106-acre land, located about three miles away from the downtown of Dallas. Over two thousand animals and more than four hundred species are homed in this zoo, making it one of the diversified zoos in the country.

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8The Sculptures at Pioneer Plaza

Pioneer Plaza
Source : Wikimedia

Being heavily visited by tourists, Pioneer Plaza is Dallas’ large public park containing large sculptures. The presence of such large sculptures makes this park ideal for kids. If you are with your kids on vacations, this is worth stopping by, as it has very imaginative sculptures and realistic statues horses with riders and so many things.

9Food Seeing at Food Tours of America

Food tours of america
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Fun activities cause excitement resulting in an increase in the metabolism rate. Hence a long fun activity is incomplete and becomes boring without tasting foods. The Food Tours of America offers a wide range of food recipes.

It caters its visitors with delicious foods and cuisines at an affordable price. The collection of food items here is one of the best ones that Dallas offers.

10Checking up on the Dallas Heritage Village

Dallas Heritage Village
Source : Flickr

As the name itself denotes that it is place spared for old heritage so that it helps historians and anthropologists peep into the past and learn something about the past culture and history. Home to many finest buildings of commercial importance and homes from the Victorian age, the place offers much to learn for its visitors particularly the kids.

People of all ages are encouraged to visit the Old City Park to learn amazing things about past history in an entertaining way by exploring many homes and buildings from The nineteenth century.

11The Old Red Museum

Old Red Museum
Source : Flickr

Old Red Museum, formerly known as Dallas County Courthouse, is highly recommended for children to visit. It is a registered historic place with much to offer for its visitors. It is home to several historical artifacts ranging from prehistoric times to the present age. The look of the museum is much fascinating that will be in kids’ interests.

The museum teaches much about the old history such as the first settlement in Dallas. Different things like the shark teeth and the tusk are exhibited in an interesting manner that aims at attracting children attention.

12Exploring the Sandy Lake Amusement Park

Sandy Lake Amusement Park
Source : Flickr

Stretching over contours of Dallas, the Amusement Park is situated in Carrollton. This park is home to many fun activities such as mini-golf, petting zoos, horse rides, paddle boats, swimming holes, and carnivals. This one of the best places for kids’ fun. Ticket prices here are considerably affordable, which is a good sign for those whose budget is running down.

13Cinemark 17 and IMAX Theatres

Cinemark 17 and IMAX Theatres
Source : Wikimedia

To watch the latest blockbuster movies at the cinema is one the best fun things to do in a metropolis like Dallas. Cinemarkk17 and IMAX theatres provide excellent service in this regard with stadium seats and multiple screens. This chain of theatres caters the need of kid’s audience by setting an ambiance favorable to families.

14Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Perot Museum of Nature and Science
Source : Flickr

The two campus Perot Museum is a museum dedicated to science and history of nature. With a lot of kid’s related stuff, this is very popular among kids of all ages, providing a huge learning experience. The museum is comprised of five floors and eleven exhibits.

These exhibits contain art videos, 3D animations with live simulations and many interesting and interactive games. Apart from these awesome features, there is also an outdoor space for play and a children museum. The area allocated for robots is also an extremely engaging place for many children.

15Adventure Landing

Adventure Landing
Source : Flickr

Being a group of parks for amusements, these parks stretch over many cities and are extremely famous for their adventurous activities. In Adventure Landing, which is located outside Dallas, there are many attractions for children who love thrills.

There are almost eighteen amusement parks all over the United States of America under Adventure Landing, and the park in the Dallas is one the most prominent and popular parks.

The city of Dallas has a quite interesting history. It remained a part of the Spanish Colony in eighteen century. With huge efforts, they got independence from Mexico and formed the Republic of Texas. With the passage of time, many things happened here and finally, it became a part of the confederation.

Hence the city has much to offer for its visitors particularly the younger ones. There are much more fascinating facts that needed to be explored by the younger generations. To start with, one should go with things listed above that are some fun things to do in Dallas with kids.