Things to do in Greensboro NC | Greensboro is the third most populous city in North Carolina and the sixty-eight largest in the United States of America. Being the county seat and the downtown features, the city is a great attraction for vacationers. The city has some great offers for the visitors. It some beautiful parks, awesome gardens, exotic museums, playing field, amazing food courts, exclusive shopping malls, outstandingly pretty nightclubs and various other outlandish attractions. One can enjoy his/her fully when s/he knows and understand the top amazing things to do in Greensboro NC before embarking upon a tour. This article will help you the city’s top fifteen attractions.

List of 15 Best Things to do in Greensboro NC

1.  Nightlife in Greensboro NC

Nightlife in Greensboro NC
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The city of Greensboro is famous for many reasons. There are various clubs and top hotels to spend the night in. There are dance floors, bars and breweries. Places for nightlife in Greensboro NC (North Carolina) include Limelight Rooftop Nightclub, Jake’s Billiards, Club Orion, Westerwood Tavern, The Comedy Zone and many more. These are some nice places to spend your night with some ales.

2.  Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park
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Commemorating the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, Guilford Courthouse National Military Park reminds its visitors of the American victory in the war. The field where the battle was played turned into a National Park, preserving the battle’s history. This National Military Park is also registered with the National Registry of Historic Places. For the visitors of this park, there is much explore, learn and enjoy. Firstly, the can look into the natural scenes and landscape of this place to connect with the Mother Nature. Second, there are many displays and exhibits showing and preserving the battle history. Enjoy the duo.

3.  Greensboro Science Centre

Greensboro Science Center
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The Greensboro Science Centre is a trio when the guest would enjoy the pleasure of visiting a museum, zoo and an aquarium. The centre is Greensboro’s one of the most visited places. Tourists from all over the world frequently visited the place. The science aquarium, being the only aquarium (indoor), attracts the attention of many guests. The aquarium comprises many sea animals including small fish and some giant sharks. The zoo part of the centre consists of various animals. These animals include mammals, reptiles and amphibians. The centre hosts a 3D screen theatre.

4.  Greensboro Children’s Museum

Greensboro Children’s Museum

Being an exclusive place for infotainment, the Greensboro Children’s Museum offers an opportunity for all of its visitors to explore the museum and learn many interesting things whiling having fun. It will prove the best destination for family visits where children and parents both the parties can have a lot of fun doing many activities. The park hosts several impressive exhibitions, excitingly informative presentations and various other attention catching displays aim at attracting the students and those visitors having an instinct of learning new things. The Greensboro Children’s Museum offers many special programs including training classes and vocational camps.

5.  Shopping in Greensboro NC

shopping in greensboro nc

Greensboro is a home to many favourite stores and shopping centres. Outlet malls in Greensboro NC are worth visiting. The ranking places for shopping in Greensboro NC (North Carolina) includes Replacements, Antique Market Place, Ambleside Gallery, Scuppernong Books, Friendly Centre and Four Seasons Town Centre are a few to name.

6.  Greensboro Historical Museum

Greensboro Historical Museum
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Preserving the vast history of North Carolina’s Piedmont region, the museum conserves the cultural heritage and tradition of the native region of Greensboro. The Greensboro Historical Museum features many exhibits and documents embedded with the local history of the area. These displays explain the various expects of lives of the local inhabitants that from where they have come and what did they contribute in the history of the area. Extended over an area of over fifteen-hundred square-feet, the museum entertains and educate its guest with roles of the country in nation building like its role in the Civil Rights Movements.

7.  The Greensboro Arboretum

The Greensboro Arboretum
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The Greensboro Arboretum is extended over an area of seventeen acres. It is a much decorated and maintained the garden for a public purpose. This garden features flowers of different kinds, fountains and many displays. There are also more than fourteen plant collections in this arboretum. These plants belong to different species brought from the different parts of the word. Butterflies and roses have been kept in the display gardens. This arboretum also possesses various landscape features too. There are much more to explore in here. Another good is that there is no entry fee, and it remains open throughout the year.

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8. Antique Market Place

Antique Market Place
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It is a treasure for the people who love antiques. This is a huge market covering approximately forty-five thousand square feet. There are more than hundred vendors and outlet owners. The aficionados and hunters of old treasures and antiques will be surprised the collection in the Antique Market Place if they are visiting it for the first time. There is an array of quality collections of antiques like impressive furniture for sale. However, modern and new items of furniture are also available. The prices here are extremely suitable owing to throughout the year sale price.

9.  Pig Pounder Brewery

Pig Pounder Brewery
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Though the Pig Pounder Brewery is a local company, it manufactures British breweries. A wide range of beers is prepared here. Extra Special Bitter and English Dark Mild are the well-known flavours being served here. The room for interactive tasting offers its clients to check the vast collection of brews. Here the beer lovers can learn many things about the beers and breweries. By visiting the Pig Pounder Brewery, one can learn everything about brews including history and cultural roles while enjoying his/her drink.

10.  Friendly Centre Greensboro NC

Friendly Centre Greensboro NC
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Opened in 1957, Friendly Centre is a huge, one-two floors shopping centre. Many big brand names are its tenants. Old Navy, Belk and Sears are some of the most prominent tenants. Friendly Centre Greensboro NC (North Carolina) features a range of impressive outlets. The Regal Cinemas also owns a multiplex here. It is high-quality sixteen-inch multiplexed screen which is one of the most relaxing places for the visitors of the centre. There are special stores for the foodies. There are total 144 stores in the Friendly Centre of Greensboro which serves its customers and guests with six different services.

11.  Undercurrent Restaurant

Undercurrent Restaurant
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With a global influence, Undercurrent Restaurant serves especially the New American cuisines presenting a classic way. Since last sixteen years of exclusive service, this restaurant has been a favourite food destination serving delicious and discerning dinners to its customers. There is a bar in this restaurant. This bar serves twenty-four hours a day and offers a drink, snacks and other appetizers. It also provides pre-dinner drinks. The ambience of the Undercurrent Restaurant is perfectly suitable for moments like a date. Rooms are perfectly lighted. Seating arrangement is very comfortable. There is also outdoor seating system that adds value to the atmosphere of the restaurant.

12.  Greensboro Ice House

Greensboro Ice House
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Famous for skating (ice) and skating class, Greensboro Ice House is an amazing people avenue attracting a number of visitors. This house several facilities. There a facility of lockers. Women and men both have separate locker rooms. There are two other exclusive rooms that are used for different purposes. There is also skate sharpening shop. One impressive feature of the place is that people can take the general purpose rooms on rent to arrange their parties and events like birthday parties.

13.  Celebration Station

Celebration Station Greensboro NC
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It is a full-fledged family park. Celebration Station is an adventure park. The parks hot many attractions (indoor as well as outdoor). There are rides and games. There are a lot of fun activities to do. For every person, there is something special about his/her interest to do. The park features batting cages for softballs, cart tracks, bumper boats, golf course and many more. The Celebration Station also harbours arcade for video games where children sit and play games for hours. On the side, there is also a restaurant, serving delicious foods.

14.  Dame’s Chicken and Waffles

Dame’s Chicken and Waffles

The Dame’s Chicken and Waffles, today, is known for its lunch and brunch (home-cooked). Initially, it was a supper club. With the passage of time, this supper club turned into an impressive food attraction serving a wide variety of cuisines. In chicken, the fried chicken is quite famous. Their popular waffle includes gingerbread and sweet potato.

15.  The Greenhill

The Greenhill
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The Greenhill is a visual art venue having about seven thousands square-foot space for an exhibition where different programs of contemporary arts are held. The Greenhill is considered an important cultural centre of the city of Greensboro. For both the children and grown, there are special interactive galleries where there is much fun thing to for art loving people.

The largest city in the Guilford County, Greensboro, hosts many attractions for its visitors. There are a variety of activities for the tourists of the city to do and fun. Visit this would entertaining as well as learning. This article has summed up some top fun things to do in Greensboro NC  that will help the visitor of this city to explore in a much better way.

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