things to do in knoxville tn
things to do in knoxville tn

Things to do in Knoxville TN | Being the administrator of the country Knox, Knoxville is an important city in the United States of America’s state of Tennessee. It is the state’s third largest city according to the population. Knoxville, the earlier capital of the state of Tennessee, was geographically isolated before the arrival of the railroad.

The establishment of the railway in 1855 brought an economic boom in the region. The city faces a hard time during the Civil War. The war tore the city into two parts, being one captured by the Union army while others took by the Confederate army. Soon after the war, the city grew as a major area making its name in the manufacturing and wholesaling fields. Today, the city has a key role in every aspect of the state’s affairs including tourism.

The following list of best things to do in Knoxville TN (Tennessee) will uncover the potential of the city as a tourist attraction.

1Market Square Knoxville

Market Square Knoxville
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The Market Square was initially a mall, but with the passage of the time, it turned into an important attraction. The Market Square Knoxville was established in 1854, and by 1984 it was included on the National Register of Historic Places. In the beginning, it was established as a market of the regional farmers.

Over a span of decades the market developed and transcended into a multipurpose and key venue where many events, concerts, political rallies, magic shows and various other activities where the musicians, war veterans, politicians, street musicians, artists, and other activists gathered for their respective purposes.

2McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture

McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture
McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture

As the name itself indicates, the McClung Museum of National History and culture is a special museum dedicated to the preservation of human history and culture. On a general note, the museum stores the artistic past of the whole world.

In particular, the museum focuses on the natural history and culture of the city and Knoxville and the state of Tennessee. The visitor can learn many things the whole history of mankind from the ancient civilization to current times. Of the many amazing attractions, most visitors like to explore the exhibits related to the Human Origins and the American Civil War.

3Knoxville Museum of Art

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It has been more than twenty-five years since the establishment of the Knoxville Museum of Art. The museum especially focuses on the artistic works of those artists belong to the surrounding regions of the city of the Knoxville falling under the purview of the state of Tennessee.

Recently the museum was renovated spending an amount of approximately six million dollars. The Cycle of Life exhibit of the museum has worldwide fame and is considered the largest installation of figural glass. The museum has a permanent collection of artistic works of the artists belonging to the eastern region of the state of Tennessee.

4Tennessee Theatre

Tennessee Theatre
Tennessee Theatre

The beautifully architected Tennessee Theatre was founded in 1928. Originally, it was constructed as a movie palace. The theatre was decorated with some most amazing decorative pieces that were much famous and rare during the 1920s. The magnificent design of this building was constructed by keeping in mind to bring a Spanish styling effect.

Being comprehensively restored in the year 2005, the theatre has, today, much more for the visitors and the guests. The theatre arranges music concerts, rock concerts, Broadway shows, movies, and many more such events. For any visitor, visiting this theatre would be a great fun activity.

5The Muse Knoxville

The Muse Knoxville

Having a playing space spread over a four-thousand square foot, the Muse Knoxville is a favorite destination for the children of all ages. The playing space offers a great opportunity for all the kids to science and art with much fun. So to say the kids will unconsciously learn many amazing things about many aspects of physical science.

They will also learn much about constructing buildings. The Muse Knoxville’s key slogan is to “inspire and empower.” The many exhibits here are very entertaining and interactive that children engage with them for hours.

6Knoxville Zoo

Knoxville Zoo
Knoxville Zoo

Knoxville Zoo is one of the most entertaining attractions of the city of Knoxville. There are more than nine-thousand animals in this zoo that have been brought here from all over the world. The visitor can enjoy a camel ride.

They can interact with giraffe by feeding them. The Forest Theatre Show is an amazing relaxing point. The child can have an interactive experience with the jungle by the Wee Play Adventure of the Knoxville Zoo. The zoo opens every day, and you can enjoy a great family trip here.

7Downtown Knoxville Bars

Downtown Knoxville Bars
Downtown Knoxville Bars

One can spend a great nightlife in Knoxville. There are many fun things to do in the night in the downtown of the city. There are bars, club, dance floors and many more. For food lovers, there are also many restaurants.

Some of the top downtown Knoxville bars include Cru Bistro & Wine Bar Downtown, Sapphire: Fine Food and Fancy Drinks, Scruffy City Hall, Water Into Wine, Back Door Tavern, Peter Kern Library, Preservation Hub, Downtown and Grill & Brewery and so many more things.

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8Mabry-Hazen House

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Being linked with the country’s Civil War, the Mabry-Hazen House has vital historical importance. It is a great memory of a notable family and the famous Victorian home. Having such historical importance, the Mabry-Hazen House has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The collection here in this house the original heirloom of the family. Once the house has been headquartering of both the Union and Confederate armies. Hence the visitor will have an opportunity to learn many things about the Civil War in this house and the surroundings.

9World’s Fair Park

World’s Fair Park
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The World’s Fair Park is an ideal place to spend a weekend. It is one of the most amazing attractions the city of Knoxville ever had. After the renovation, the park has many more features for its visitors to enjoy with them.

There are many beautiful water features, walkways, and amazing lawns. The World’s Fair Park’s fountains and geysers also attract the attention of many visitors. The park host many fascinating events, festivals and various live performances throughout the year.

10East Tennessee History Centre

East Tennessee History Centre

The East Tennessee History Centre, as the name represents itself, is a center dedicated to the history of eastern Tennessee. The center hosts many engaging educational programs, various events, and several other exhibits.

The museum truly reflects the rich and wonderful history of this particular region. The collection here in this museum contains several artifacts. These artifacts from other related stories tell the visitors the old history of Tennessee back into some more than three hundred years.

11Blount Mansion

Blount Mansion
Blount Mansion

Governor William Blount who was one of those who signed the Constitution of the United States of America built this mansion in 1892 while he was declaring that the city of Knoxville would then serve as his capital.

Many historians are skeptical about the history of this museum and considered it a scandalous history. The Blount Mansion tells the visitors much about the history of the state of Tennessee in its formative phase. The mansion was renovated in order to facilitate its guests.

12Ijams Nature Centre

Ijams Nature Centre

The Ijams Nature Centre spreads over an area of some three hundred acres which has been the visitor for more a century. Initially, this park was developed as natural birds’ sanctuary by Harry Ijams, but now this center is one of the United States of America’s most amazing natural wildlife and environmental sanctuaries.

It is a great learning place for environmental-related stuff. There are creeks and groves. There are homestead and boardwalks. One can enjoy here various excellent outdoor activities like rock climbing and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the museum.

13Knoxville Food Tours

Knoxville Food Tours

These tours are for both the locals and the faraway visitors. They would take you to some of the many amazing places in the city where the guests can enjoy delicious foods at the restaurants.

The places covered in the Knoxville Food Tours are considered as dark secret as they are not known to many people even for those who live here. The tour has some six spots and spans over about three hours.

14Old City

Old City Knoxville
Old City Knoxville

Being a hotspot, the Old City is tourists’ favorite destination. A tour is incomplete without visiting the Old City area. This area hosts numerous authentic and amazing coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries and many more.

The best part of the region is the night part where there are live musical events. The architecture of the Old City reflects the old beautiful history and culture of the region.

15Thompson-Boling Arena

Thompson-Boling Arena

It is a wonderful basketball facility, and it is regarded as a major entertainment arena of the state’s eastern part. Throughout the whole year, the Thompson-Boling Arena hosts many amazing events and programs. These programs comprise musical shows, concert, game exhibitions, conventions, and so on.

The city had remained in isolation for many years. With the establishment of railways lines, it opens its arm to the other regions. Currently, it is 3rd most populous city and perceived as a potential city for tourism. The articles elaborate some fifteen amazing things to do in Knoxville TN (Tennessee).