things to do in lexington ky
things to do in lexington ky

Things to do in Lexington KY | Kentucky’s second largest and the United States of America’s sixtieth largest city, Lexington, is well-known as the “Horse Capital of the World.” The enthusiasts of horsing racing love this place as it provides many attractive things to do for them.

Some other aspects that make the city worth visiting are the metropolitan features of the city. The city is famous for many things. One of the notable attributes of the city is that it is famous formal education like it hosts the popular University of Kentucky.

The other fun things to do in Lexington Ky are the Bluegrass Region, Keene land, the Kentucky Horse Park, the Rupp Arena and many more.

1Exploring the Downtown Lexington Kentucky

Downtown lexington kentucky

As Lexington is housed by several hundreds of horse farm resembling parks, it is called as “the city in the park.” The city gives both the impressions of a metropolitan as well as a small city. Lexington manifests the qualities of the megacity when seeing the city in a big canvass. The friendliness and village-like nature of the city attracts many visitors.

The downtown Lexington Kentucky thrives with many beautiful scenes, art galleries, amazing restaurants, old historic buildings, modern parks, business outlets, beautifully architected houses and many more. The center city is an ideal place to live, do job, shop and do business.

2The Beautiful Kentucky Horse Park

Kentucky Horse park
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Spread over an area of one thousand-acre, the Kentucky Horse Park is a popular farm for working horses. The park entertains its visitors twice a day with its horse show. The horses in these shows have been brought from the different regions of the world. These horses are of different varieties including some rare ones.

The horse riders are clad in special garbs. The park gives access its visitors the access to a horse stable and other facilities. The International Museum of the Horse features many attractions.

3The Lexington Visitors Centre

Lexington Visitor Center
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The Lexington Visitors Centre is staffed with special persons who are knowledgeable about history and other literature. There are many attractions and city guides in the center. The Lexington Visitors Centre also hosts the collections drinks, foods and so on. Moreover, the center has some explainer videos, guiding the surrounding region of Bluegrass.

Some other memorabilia in the place offer interpretative photos that educate the visitors with many aspects of things present in the center. The building comprises five massive screens, used for multiple purposes to educate and entertain the guests.

4Keeneland Facility of Lexington Kentucky

Keeneland Facility of Lexington
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The horseracing at the Keeneland facility began in about 1936. Since then it has been attracting visitors from all over the world throughout the year. Keeneland’s impressive history make it a popular tourists’ destination in Lexington (KY). Happening annually the horse race is a traditional show.

The Keeneland harbors a series of horse shows and auctions year round. The facility also gives permission to the guests to visit the racecourse, sales doors, and other indoor facilities.

5The Attractive Garden Space of Arboretum

Garden Space of Arboretum
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Owned by the University of Kentucky, the garden space is one of the most amazing attractions Lexington, Kentucky ever had. This one hundred acres wide area of Arboretum features various seasonal activities, attracting viewers and visitors from different regions of the country.

There are also children for children which provide interactive and informative outdoor activities for the children. Various family and other events are being held at the different themed areas of the park scheduled on the websites of the Arboretum.

6Peeping into the Jacobson Park

Jacobson Park Lexington , Kentucky

Being amazing greenery, the Jacobson Parks features some fantastic and extensive ranges of attractions for the guests. This is an urban park. The park hosts a wonderful pond that provides seasonal fishing. These pedal boards on rent. These are several playing fields courts.

Numerous endeavors of sports can play volleyball, basketball, and many other sports. The open and free spaces, playing ground and shelters make this park a favorite destination to spend time here with or without families.

7The amazingly pretty Raven Run Nature Sanctuary

Raven Run Nature Sanctuary
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The Raven Run Nature Sanctuary stretches over an area of seven hundred acres. Immediately outside the downtown, Lexington, this is extensive green space, preserving the unique beauty of the city. Owing to its proximity, the city of Lexington has much importance.

This sanctuary tells the historical importance of regions that harbor the River Palisades. The trails and remnants of past bring to light many historical insights to it visitors. It is believed that more six hundred species of fauna and flora have existed in this sanctuary over a span of centuries.

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8Enjoy Shopping in Lexington Kentucky

Shopping in lexington ky
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Lexington serves as a mega shopping center as the city has several big attractions for all types of shoppers. There are special gift shops and stores having various antique collections. Many huge shopping malls, superstores, and street malls accentuate the desire for shopping.

One can enjoy shopping in Lexington Kentucky at various places like Fayette Mall, Hakan Evin Rug Store, Lexington Peddlers Mall, and Walk Shop.

9The Thoroughbred Heritage Horse Farm Tours

Thoroughbred Heritage Horse Farm Tours

With the Thoroughbred Heritage Horse Farm Tours, one gets to know some of the most prolific glimpses of the countryside in Lexington. The guides in the tours are professional and experience guides who tell the visitors about the specific history and the importance of the area, the horse farm and how the city of Lexington evolved into a big city.

Lexington is one of the best places in the United States of America have to do fun things. The visitor can also enjoy a three hours long walking tour through the racecourse of Keeneland.

10Love the Foods Coles 735 Main

Coles 735 Main
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A historic Lexington restaurant for dinner, Coles 735 Main is well-known for fair dining fare and the highly artistic way of presentation. The chef at the Coles 735 Main is famous for his high imagination and cooking skill. He has the ability to recreate different dishes infusing various recipes from all over the world.

The ambient at the Coles highly matches the dishes served. There are indoors and outdoor seating arrangement for the diners. The guest here loves to enjoy food in the classic dining rooms.

11Eat at the Enoteca, Lexington Kentucky

things to do in lexington ky
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A vibrant eatery famous for Spanish food, Enoteca serves its guest with a special dinner. Although the foods and cuisines at the restaurant are worth eating, it is well known for its collection of various drinks, including whiskey, wine, beer, and cocktails.

If you are confused to select any of the many drinks, the well-educated staff at the restaurant recommend the drinks that best suit you. They also provide suggestion on the pairing of food and beverages. This a modern restaurant that has warm lighting, bricked walls, and wooden floor.

12Pies and Pints

Pies and pints
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This is a place that provides pizza and wine. This joint offers a wide range and high-quality foods for dinner and lunch for its guests. The Pies and Pints are much famous for its delicious pizzas made up fresh local ingredients.

The pizzas are hand-made with much creativity. Though this a local food yard, its taste and presentation bring an international vibe in the food served here. Metal chairs, wooden tables, and twinkling lighting are what make this place an extraordinary one.

13The Old Kentucky Chocolates Tour

Old Kentucky Chocolates

The Old Kentucky Factory, being one of the country’s most famous chocolates makers, sets its floor for the guests to explore the factory. The factory gives an opportunity to the chocolate tourists to go beyond the scene, explore and learn the processes involved in chocolate formation.

The visitors can enjoy the table where thing crafted before getting the finished product. A guide accompanies the chocolate tourists who share different stories with them related to the tour and the place.

14Ceiling Clock and Foucault Pendulum

Lexington public library Ceiling Clock

Resides in the Central Public Library of Lexington, Kentucky, the Ceiling Clock was given in charity to the library by a locally famous philanthropist. This pendulum shares its viewer the historical story of a horse and the Bluegrass Region. The unique structure and artistic values of the masterpiece make it known worldwide.

15Visiting the Aviation Museum of Kentucky

Aviation Museum of Kentucky

The Aviation Museum of Kentucky (KY) provides many insights into the country’s aviation history. It preserves the knowledge and historical importance of aircraft. This museum hosts an exclusive arena for an exhibition that has different displays of aircraft, both replicas as well as actual aircraft.

The library in the museum stores aviation history many air travel documents. The visitors here also furnished with much other related information.

The city of Lexington is famous owing to its various features. The city comprises an interesting topography, Bluegrass Region being the most famous one. It is the United States of America’s twenty-eight largest city by area. “The Horse Capital of the World” has much more for its visitors.

Above mentioned things are a few of them. Things to do in Lexington Ky range from eating to a restaurant to visiting different attractions in the heart of this city.