Hello, Readers Are You Searching For What to do in Lincoln ?? You Are On the Right Place In this Article, I will Describe Fun Things to do in Lincoln Ne in detail. Let’s Get Started

Named after Abraham Lincoln and the capital city of the state of Nebraska, Lincoln may not be the biggest city in Nebraska but is a beautiful and historic town with an array of things to see and do for the whole family.

Overlooked as a fun travel destination, Nebraska is a state of welcoming and warm-hearted people, natural attractions, and inviting cities.

The green space with plenty of historical architecture in the downtown area is very easily covered on foot.

Nebraska landscape holds old historic areas to wander through and take a glimpse of our history, fascinating attractions for those who take the time to explore it and vibrant cultural scenes to enjoy.

From magnificent historical attractions like 400-foot-high Nebraska State Capitol view giving a breathtaking panoramic to tulips filled Sunken Gardens.

Here are 25 Things to do in Lincoln Ne that will give you an experience for a lifetime. Also, Check the Video of Amazing things in Lincoln Nebraska in the Last of the Article.

1. Nebraska State Capitol

The Nebraska State Capitol is located in downtown Lincoln and is the seat of the government for the U.S. State of Nebraska.

Nebraska State Capitol
Nebraska State Capitol

It was designed by New York architect Bertram Goodhue and constructed between 1922 and 1932.

The capitol features a three-story, 437-foot tower in which the primary executive and judicial offices of Nebraska are housed and can be seen from as far away as 20 miles.

Also referred to as the “Tower of the Plains,” the Nebraska State Capitol was the first state capitol to incorporate a functional tower into its design.

The base of the tower houses offices most frequently visited by the public, and tours of the building are available every hour throughout the year.

  • Address: 1445 K St, Lincoln, NE 68508
  • Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM 
  • Phone: (402) 471-0448

2. University of Nebraska State Museum

The museum was founded in 1871 and is also known as Elephant Hall. It is a natural history museum dedicated to the paleontology, biodiversity, and cultural diversity of Nebraska.

University of Nebraska State Museum

Featuring the world’s most impressive collection of fossil elephants, along with other displays of ancient weapons, meteorites and minerals, bizarre beasts, dinosaurs, monsters of the ancient seas, and African and Native American cultures.

Also, the museum has featured interactive wildlife dioramas, the hands-on Marx Science Discovery Center, a rock shop, and a gift shop selling a variety of museum-related items.

  • Address: Morrill Hall, 645 N 14th St, Lincoln, NE 68588
  • Hours: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM 
  • Phone: (402) 472-2637

3. Things to do in Lincoln Ne: Great Plains Art Museum

Established in 1981 on the campus of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, this fine arts museum is dedicated to the arts of the Great Plains in the United States.

The museum was founded with the Christlieb Collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints and has since grown to become one of the city’s top art museums.

Great Plains Art Museum

Today, the museum’s collections include works by renowned artists such as Albert Bierstadt, Charles M. Russell, Frederic Remington, Robert Fletcher Gilder, and Willian Henry Jackson as well as new acquisitions by Ray Ellis, Michael Forsberg, and Chuck Gildner.

Exhibits are rotated several times per year and include artwork from the permanent collection, traveling exhibits, and guest-curated exhibitions. The museum has no entry fee and is open to the public.

  • Address: 1155 Q St, Lincoln, NE 68508
  • Hours: 10 AM – 5 PM (SUN or MON Closed) 
  • Phone:  (402) 472-6220

4. Group Therapy Bike Tours

The Group Therapy Bike Tour is one of the best ways to explore Lincoln in a unique and fun manner.

These tours are conducted on multi-pedal trolley bikes, which can seat up to 15 people in total including the guide.

Group Therapy Bike Tours
Mr Privacy/Shutterstock. com

All tours start from Lazlo’s in the Haymarket and are led by professional, knowledgeable, and friendly guides who share their passion for the city with interesting snippets of information along the way.

Standard tours last about 2 hours, stopping at local pubs and restaurants and other famous landmarks, however, they can be tailormade to guests’ needs and bikes can be booked for private tours or special celebrations.

Bad new is Now it’s Closed for Permanently.

Address: 2901 W Claire Ave, Lincoln, NE 68523, USA

5. Honest Abe’s Burgers & Freedom

Honest Abe’s Burgers & Freedom is a casual chain with three locations around the city that serves reinvented all-American such as burgers and fries with gourmet toppings in a relaxed and laidback environment.

Honest Abe's Burgers & Freedom

With locations in Meadowland, Downtown, and North 27, Honest Abe’s Burgers & Freedom offers a menu of classic and gourmet burgers, fresh salads and sides, rotating weekly specials, over 21 kinds of handcrafted milkshakes, and a variety of sodas.

Honest Abe’s Burgers & Freedom is open Monday through Sunday for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Address: 840 N 70th St, Lincoln, NE 68505-2103

6. International Quilt Study Center & Museum

Located on the campus of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, the International Quilt Study Center & Museum is the home of the most significant known public collection of quilts in the world.

International Quilt Museum
International Quilt Museum

Founded in 1997 with a selection of nearly 950 quilts donated to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln by native Nebraskans Ardis and Robert James, the museum now houses the world’s largest quilt collection, which is exhibited in custom-crafted galleries and state-of-the-art research space in a new green building designed Robert A.M. Stern Architects.

The collection features quilts from early examples of American and European quilts to the contemporary studio and international quilts, with over 4,000 pieces from 24 countries.

  • Address: Entrance off 33rd, not, 1523 N 33rd St, Holdrege St, Lincoln, NE 68503
  • Hours: 10 AM – 4 PM (MON Closed) 
  • Phone: (402) 472-6549

7. Things to do in Lincoln: Larsen Tractor Museum

The Lester F. Larsen Tractor Test and Power Museum is a historical facility situated on the East Campus of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln that is dedicated to preserving the history of Nebraska’s tractor test law.

Larsen Tractor Museum

Established in 1980, the museum is the only tractor testing museum in the world with the only complete tractor test laboratory that tests tractors for safety.

The Lester F. Larsen Power Museum features a collection of more than 40 antique and unique tractors, including a Heider C, a Ford 8-16, an Allis-Chalmers G, a Waterloo Boy N, a Moline Universal D, a Fordson 1920, a Ford-Ferguson 2N, and a John Deere 820.

The Lester F. Larsen Tractor Test and Power Museum are open to the public from Tuesday through Friday, year-round.

  • Address: N 35th St & Fair St, Lincoln, NE 68583
  • Hours: 9 AM – 4 PM (Sat-Sun-Mon Closed) 
  • Phone: (402) 472-8389

8. Lincoln Children’s Museum

The Lincoln Children’s Museum is an interactive, immersive, and educational space where children can create, discover, explore, and learn through the power of play.

Lincoln Children's Museum

Boasting 23,300 square feet and three floors of hands-on exhibits and imaginative programs, the museum encourages visitors to build, climb, create, dance, sing, laugh, and play as a form of learning.

Over 40 interactive exhibits and displays can be explored across all three floors of the museum as well as a gift shop and toy store and a casual café where snacks and drinks are served.

The museum also provides a range of educational programs and workshops for children of all ages as well as field trips for groups.

  • Address: 1420 P St, Lincoln, NE 68508
  • Hours: 9:30 AM – 5 PM (Sun 1 – 5 PM) 
  • Phone: (402) 477-4000

9. Lincoln Children’s Zoo

The Lincoln Children’s Zoo offers a fun and friendly place for children to interact, experience, and learn more about the animal kingdom and the creatures that live within it.

Lincoln Children's Zoo

Designed specifically for children to enjoy up-close encounters with all of the zoo’s animals, the Lincoln Children’s Zoo features 10 acres of well-maintained habitats for more than 400 animals, of which over 40 are endangered, including the Amur leopard and Matschie’s tree-kangaroo.

In addition to providing one-of-a-kind interactive experiences for children of all ages to enjoy, the Lincoln Children’s Zoo also offers a variety of educational programs, conservation-focused classes and workshops, and summer camps throughout the year.

  • Address: 1222 S 27th St, Lincoln, NE 68502
  • Hours: 10 AM – 5 PM 
  • Phone: (402) 475-6741

10. Lincoln Saltdogs Minor League Baseball

It is a professional baseball team and is the defending champions of the Central Division of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball.

Lincoln Saltdogs

Situated at Haymarket Park, which they share with the Nebraska Cornhuskers college baseball team, the Lincoln Saltdogs are loyally supported by their hometown, who flock to the stadium to enjoy the game.

Haymarket Park, also known as the Ol’ Ballpark, is located just north of the Historic Haymarket area and creates a visually appealing gateway to the Star City with pedestrian walkways connecting the stadium complex to both the Haymarket and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln campuses.

The park-within-a-park sports complex features a modern design, yet still embraces the time-honored traditions of baseball and the proud heritage of the Haymarket and Lincoln itself.

Address: 403 Line Drive Circle, Ste. A Lincoln, NE 68508

11. Things to do in Lincoln Ne: Mueller Planetarium

Located at the University of Nebraska State Museum at Morrill Hall, the Mueller Planetarium was first opened in 1958 and was Nebraska’s first planetarium.

Mueller Planetarium
Source: Wikimedia

A pioneer in unique audiovisual productions, the Mueller Planetarium features a 360-degree, 30-foot high, full-dome theater with a customized fisheye lens projector for immersive full-dome presentations.

The planetarium seats 60 guests, who can experience a variety of astronomy and space science-based shows and exhibitions in full 3D effect, including fascinating night sky tours led by an expert in the field.

Programs align with the natural science themes of the University of Nebraska State Museum and range from exploring the Earth’s ancient past to diving into the heart of the Sun.

  • Address: Morrill Hall, 645 N 14th St, Lincoln, NE 68588
  • Hours: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM 
  • Phone: (402) 472-2637

12. Museum of American Speed

The Museum of American Speed is a museum dedicated to preserving and presenting American automotive history.

Museum of American Speed

Housed in a 135,000-square-foot facility in the heart of Lincoln, the museum was established by Speedway Motors founder “Speedy” Bill Smith and his wife Joyce Smith in 1992 and has since become a famous repository for all things auto collected over the past 60 years.

Exhibits at the museum include a range of classic, vintage, and collectible cars dating back to the 1920s as well as go-karts, antique and rare toy cars, classic midget cars, automotive memorabilia, motorized toys, autographed guitars, and Buck Rogers memorabilia.

The Museum of American Speed is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays at various times.

  • Address: 599 Oakcreek Dr, Lincoln, NE 68528
  • Hours: 12 PM – 4:30 PM (THUS or SUN Closed) 
  • Phone: (402) 323-3166

13. National Museum of Roller-Skating

The only museum of its kind in the world, the National Museum of Roller-Skating is dedicated to increasing people’s understanding and enjoyment of roller-skating and its history, present, and future.

National Museum of Roller-Skating
Source: Yelp

The museum is home to the world’s largest collection of historical roller-skates, along with memorabilia, costumes, and other roller-skating items and objects.

Exhibits include roller-skates, skates, artworks, films, photographs, and other skating memorabilia dating back to 1819 through to the present.

The displays also tell the story of the history and development of roller sports and technology, and a variety of items relating to all forms of skating, from inline skating and artistic skating to roller skating, roller hockey, and roller derby.

The National Museum of Roller-Skating is open from Monday through Friday and is free to explore.

  • Address: 4730 South St, Lincoln, NE 68506
  • Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM (SAT or SUN Closed) 
  • Phone: (402) 483-7551

14. Nebraska History Museum

The Nebraska History Museum is a long-standing museum that documents the history of the region and the state.

Nebraska History Museum

Exhibiting over 12,000 years of history with numerous exhibits and displays of cultural artifacts and items, the museum also offers a variety of educational programs, workshops, and classes for children and adults.

The museum boasts a collection of over 125,000 objects, including photographs, documents, papers, prints, drawings, manuscripts, and newspapers, and is open to the public Monday through Saturday year-round.

  • Address: 131 Centennial Mall N, Lincoln, NE 68508
  • Hours: 10 AM – 5:30 PM (SUN Closed) 
  • Phone: (402) 471-4754

15. Pioneers Park Nature Center

Established in 1963, the Pioneers Park Nature Center is a 668-acre nature preserve in the heart of Lincoln.

Pioneers Park Nature Center

Situated at the intersection of South Coddington and West Van Dorn Streets, the park is operated by the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department and includes sections of the Haines Branch Creek, a network of 8 miles of trails for hiking and mountain biking, several tranquil ponds, and two visitors centers and interpretive buildings.

The Chet Ager Building is home to a variety of exhibits, including live animals, an extensive herb garden, and a bee skep, and the Nature Center offers an array of regular activities throughout the year for visitors of all ages, including nature day camps, school programs, night hikes, and educational programs. It is open year-round.

  • Address: 3201 S Coddington Ave, Lincoln, NE 68522
  • Hours: 8:30 AM – 5 PM 
  • Phone: (402) 441-7895

16. What to do in Lincoln Ne: Sheldon Museum of Art

Located on the campus of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, the Sheldon Museum of Art is an art museum that focuses on 19th and 20th-century art.

Sheldon Museum of Art

Initially known as the University of Nebraska Art Galleries and then as the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, the Sheldon Museum of Art is named after British painter Benjamin Robert Haydon and houses both the Sheldon Art Association collection and the University of Nebraska collection.

The museum’s collection features more than 12,000 works of art in all media, ranging from paintings and drawings to prints and sculptures, including prominent holdings of 19th-century landscapes, contemporary art, American Impressionism, color field painting, minimalism, geometric abstraction, and lyrical abstraction.

The Sheldon Museum of Art also features a sculpture garden with more than 30 monumental sculptures.

  • Address: 12th and R streets on the campus of the University of Lincoln, NE 68508
  • Hours: 12  – 4 PM 
  • Phone: (402) 472-2461

17. Sunken Gardens Lincoln Ne

Listed as one of the top 300 most beautiful gardens in the United States, the Sunken Gardens are beautifully manicured gardens in the heart of Lincoln that feature over 30,000 individual annual plants in spectacular yearly floral displays that are redesigned with a new theme each year.

Sunken Gardens

Established in 1930, the Sunken Gardens feature a variety of gardens, including a Healing Garden or the White Garden, inspired by the famous White Garden at Sissinghurst Castle in Kent, England; a perennial garden with varieties of shade-loving plants like hostas, viburnum, and hydrangeas; and an annual garden with different themes every year.

  • Address: S 27th St & Capitol Pkwy, Lincoln, NE 68502
  • Hours: 6 AM  – 11 PM 
  • Phone: (402) 441-8258

18. The Rabbit Hole Bakery

The Rabbit Hole Bakery is a friendly neighborhood bakery that produces mouthwatering baked goods, freshly baked bread, sweet and savory pastries, cakes, and confectionery.

The Rabbit Hole Bakery

Located on Q Street below Yowie’s Lodge in the Haymarket area, the Rabbit Hole Bakery is focused on bringing the freshest and unique flavors to the Haymarket with a menu of delectable treats.

Diners can tuck into freshly baked scones, muffins, and cinnamon rolls as well as cakes, assorted tarts, cookies, and delicate macaroons.

The Rabbit Hole Bakery is open from Monday through Sunday for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and evening appetizers.

  • Address: 800 Q St, Lincoln, NE 68508
  • Hours: 8 AM  – 8 PM 
  • Phone: (402) 975-2322

19. Toast Restaurant in Lincoln Ne

Toast is a friendly neighborhood restaurant and local watering hole in northwest Lincoln.

Toast Restaurants in Lincoln Ne

Inspired by the chic cafés of Europe, Toast offers all the comforts of a neighborhood gathering spot, including a creative menu of healthy dishes from fresh salads and gourmet sandwiches to juicy burgers, hearty entrees, fresh seafood plates, and homemade pasta.

The café also serves a selection of fine wines from around the world, imported aged spirits, and premium ales, all of which can be enjoyed in a charming, inviting environment.

Toast is open Monday through Sunday for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

  • Address: 570 Fallbrook Blvd #105, Lincoln, NE 68521
  • Hours: 11 AM  – 10 PM 
  • Phone: (402) 261-8859

20. Historic Haymarket District

The Historic Haymarket District is a wonderful place to stroll around, grab a bite to eat, or just people watch.

Historic Haymarket District
Paul Brady Photography / Shutterstock

The area has beautifully renovated and restored late 19th-century brick warehouses, brick streets, a large water tower, and a unique clock.

The Haymarket District has a lively vibe, as the University of Nebraska is nearby and the students frequent the many establishments packed into this small area.

The most notable building is the Lincoln station. Once a railway depot, today it houses the visitor center and a restaurant.

In the summer, the streets are frequently closed off for festivals and farmer’s markets.

  • Address: 335 N 8th St B, Lincoln, NE 68508
  • Hours: 10:30 AM  – 8:30 PM 
  • Phone: (402) 435-7496

21. The Veterans Memorial Garden

By 1991, the Persian Gulf War brought a new wave of pride and patriotism.

As a result, communities, states and the nation as a whole banded together to give proper recognition and honor to veterans of that time, and all eras.

The Veterans Memorial Garden

Through efforts of the Lincoln community, the area was officially named the “Veteran’s Memorial Garden.”

About 20 memorials stand in the Garden today including Airborne, After 1980, All Airmen, American Merchant Marine, China Burma India, Disabled American Veterans, Ex-Prisoners of War, Family, K-9 Unsung, Korea, Marine Corps, Military Medical, Peace Time, Pearl Harbor, Pre 1900, Purple Heart, Seabees, Special Forces, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy Armed Guard, Vietnam, Women’s Veterans, World War I and World War II.

  • Address: 3200 Veterans Memorial Dr, Lincoln, NE 68502
  • Hours: 8 AM – 10 PM 
  • Phone: (402) 441-7847

22. Things to do in Lincoln Ne: Governor’s Residence

The residence, originally opened in 1958 and extensively remodeled in 1997, has 31 rooms but only five bedrooms. The architectural style is a modified Georgian Colonial.

Governor's Residence
Governor’s Residence

Set on beautiful grounds with manicured lawns, pretty gardens, and large trees the Governor’s Residence is a picture-perfect mansion.

Not far from the Nebraska State Capitol, you can reach here walking and enjoying the natural beauty and the two can be combined in one visit.

Guided tours are available once a week. Opening hours and tours are limited.

Address: 1425 H St, Lincoln, NE 68508, USA

23. Chadron State Park

Founded in 1921, Chadron State Park is Nebraska’s first state park nestled among the distinctive buttes and canyons of Nebraska’s Pine Ridge.

Chadron State Park

Since its founding a century ago, it’s remained a popular spot for family reunions, camping and old-fashioned vacations where guests can escape and enjoy spending time in one of the state’s most famous landscapes.

The park is a great destination for mountain bikers and hikers. Hike-bike trails for all skill levels lace the park and adjoining Forest Service lands.

  • Address: 15951 Gold Rush Byway, Chadron, NE 69337
  • Hours: Open 24 Hours 
  • Phone: (308) 432-6167

24. Lincoln’s Trail System

With more than 100 miles of recreation trails loved by walkers, runners, hikers, bikers and other outdoor adventures, Lincoln is heaven for people who have health on their mind.

Lincoln's Trail System
Lincoln’s Trail System

Accessible from almost any part of the town, the trails are well maintained.

The beautiful trail system runs through the metro area and also into the more rural, scenic areas around the city.

Many organized runs and races take place on the trail systems throughout the year.

25. Parks and lakes

Wilderness Parks and lakes
Wilderness Parks and lakes
    1. Holmes Lake Park: Conveniently located close to campus. This is a great place to spend time.
    2. Wilderness Park: An ideal place for biking, running and walking. Wilderness Park has very nice trails and the forest is quite dense.
    3. Pawnee Lake: The view of the lake is amazing and peaceful. It’s never too hot because of the winds. Also, it is an awesome place to throw a BBQ party.
    4. Branch Oak Lake: Planning to have a good swim? Well, this is your place! Needless to say, the prettiest swimming-section of all.
    5. Vineyards: Vineyards are not parks, but you can spend a splendid afternoon here tasting wines from 17 Ranch Winery or the Silver Hills Vineyard. This will surely be a memorable experience.

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So, these were some fun things to do in Lincoln Ne. Also, you can ride horseback on an honest-to-goodness ranch.

Witnessing a Native American powwow. Attending a concert under Nebraska’s night sky. Historic sites along scenic byways, spending family time at a zoo or water park, Chasing pioneers and cowboys.

Relaxing in state parks, recreation areas and golf courses with epic views, from sparkling lakes and rivers to wide-open plains to monumental bluffs. Boredom-killers, every last one.


Things to do in Lincoln Nebraska

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Lincoln Nebraska famous for?

Nebraska was once called “The Great American Desert”. Sterling Morton founded Arbor Day in Nebraska City in 1872. In 1927, Edwin E. Perkins of Hastings invented the powered soft drink Kool-Aid. J. The state nickname used to be the “Tree Planter’s State”, but was changed in 1945 to the “Cornhusker State”.

What is there to do in Lincoln Nebraska Today?

People from Nebraska love to eat a good Reuben sandwich, hamburger, ribs, steak, pizza, corned beef, barbecue, and Runza, pork cabbage, a meal of beef, sauerkrut and onions in a bread pocket.

What can you do for free in Lincoln?

Some amazing and free things that you can always do in Lincoln are: 1. Go to the beach 2. Do the Lincoln Roman trail 3. Beach in Lincoln center 4. The Museum of Lincolnshire Life 5. The Collection museum & Usher gallery 6. Walk around the beautiful and historic Lincoln Arboretum, picnic and play 7. Picnic, ride or walk and play Pooh sticks at Hartsholme country park

What is there to do in Lincoln NE at night?

Some amazing places to have fun at night in Lincoln: 1. Zoo Bar 2. Morrill Hall 3. Lincoln Escape Room 4. Champions Fun Center 5. Vincenzo’s Ristorante 6. Pinnacle Bank Arena 7. Wilderness Ridge 8. Lost In Fun