things to do in omaha nebraska
things to do in omaha nebraska

Things to do in Omaha Nebraska | Omaha, the seat of the Douglas County and the largest city of the Nebraska County, is situated in United States of America’s Midwestern region on the river Missouri. Being the country’s forty-fourth largest city and the sixtieth most populated metropolitan area, the city of Omaha has much potential as a tourist spot.

Although the city has often been overlooked by visitors and tourists, the much interesting aspects of the city are yet to be explored by many of them. The importance of the city as a tourist’s attraction can only be felt by paying an exclusive visit to this city and trying some of the most fun things to do in Omaha Nebraska.

1Omaha Craft Brewery Tour

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Owing to the Craft Breweries, Omaha is gaining national recognition as a top city for beer. Many of the various excellent flavors of breweries and beers are available in the city. Omaha Craft Brewery Tour scene is growing day and night, offering an easiness in getting the favorite drinks for its people and the peoples from all over the world living in the city as guests.

2Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
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Extended over an area of one hundred and thirty acres, the Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is embedded with many outlandish animals, brought from the different parts of the globe. Moreover, the zoo portion of the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium has perceived the largest rainforest (indoor) of the United States of America.

The place also hosts one of the world larges deserts (indoor) which has some special features. The aquarium portion of the place has also many fascinating features, giving an opportunity for the visitor to interact with many species of sea animals.

3Durham Museum

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Having a set of unique galleries, the Durham Museum has a wonderful history of its own. The museum exhibits include many things like the different models for trains streetcars and so many other things that were used by the people back into the 1940s and beyond.

The displays like photos, documents, and many historical artifacts fascinate visitors by entertaining and providing insights. The museum also has permanent and temporary attractions and collections of thing. Further, it a place for art lovers to do many fun things here.

4Heartland of America Park

Heartland of America Park
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Heartland of America Park, a public park in Omaha, is situated in Douglas Street of the city’s downtown area. The River Missouri also flows in the proximity to this park. Being located in the vicinity of Old Market and Gene Leahy Mall also enhances the importance of this park as a super attraction for visitors and tourists.

The surroundings of the Heartland of America Park is considered a site of recreations and exploration because the geologists and historians believe that this is the place where remnants of the Otoe, an ancient village, can be found.

5Joslyn Art Museum Omaha

Joslyn Art Museum
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Being an attraction for those who love arts, Joslyn Art Museum has been a delight for its visitors since long. The collections here in this museum exceed eleven thousand historic art pieces from all over the world spanning a time year times of many years back into ancient history.

The artistic works of the renowned artists like Auguste Renoir, Jules Breton and of many more artists have been preserved in this museum. The museum host a special collection of art from eighteenth and nineteenth-century America. There are arts belong to different periods of world history. A visit to this museum would certainly be an entertaining as well as a much learning activity.

6Gene Leahy Mall

Gene leahy mall omaha

Having an area of more than nine acres, Gene Leahy Mall is located in the Omaha’s downtown region. The Mall is also known as Central Park or the Mall. There is a round way that encircles the mall. Many attractions around the mall make this a must visit area. There are beautiful waterfalls, theatre and many more. In the summer, the amphitheater here holds concerts (outdoor).

During holidays and celebrations, times the Gene Leahy Mall gets decorated with beautiful lighting. A mayor of this contributed much to the development of the city, hence the city was named after him. The was none other than A. Leahy whose contributions are written in bold letters in the history of Omaha. Visiting the mall brings to light much about the city of Omaha.

7Joslyn Castle

Joslyn Castle Omaha
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Situated in the region of Davenport Street of Gold Coast Historic District (Omaha, Nebraska), the Joslyn Castle is a massive mansion well-known, officially, by the name of “Lyndhurst.” National Register of Historic Places of the United States of American register this castle in its registry in 1972.

Opened in the early nineteen-thirties this is considered an America’s Landmark castle. Being property of the state of Nebraska, this castle has much importance. This castle has also history connected the public schools. The grounds here in this castle, now, opened for tourists and other private uses.

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8Mini Golf Omaha

Mini Golf Omaha
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Mini would be one of the best fun activities for families to spend learning enjoying. To enjoy Mini Golf Omaha, NE, there are many golf courses both indoor and outdoor where people can test how well they can play golf. The city hosts several mini-courses for golf. Fun-Plex, Mahoney State Park, Papio Fun Park, Papio Green are some well-known names for the golf course.

9El Museo Latino

El Museo Latino

El Museo Latino Museum is of one of the United States of American seventeen museums exclusively dedicated to Latin history, culture and Latino art. A native Mexican citizen, M. Garcia, founded this museum in 1933.

Throughout history, the museum has been shifted many times. The El Museo Latino museum features different collections of art relating to Latin America. There is a gift shop that opens during the daytime offering the visitors to buy many things themed at this museum.

The museum also hosts various educational programs and other training. There are dance classes. The other programs include workshops and artistic event aim at information and entertainment of the people all ages.

10Freedom Park

Freedom Park Omaha
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Situated on the bank of the river Missouri, the Freedom Park is both an outdoor museum and park. The museum portions display various things related to the military. It exhibits many aircraft and other military artilleries. The museum also hosts the military equipment used in different wars especially the World Wars.

Hence, one can learn much about the history wars and military involvements. This park provides spaces for many outdoor activities. Spend time here with family would be a great way of family entertainment.

11Lauritzen Gardens

Lauritzen Gardens Omaha
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The excessively gorgeous garden, the Lauritzen Gardens, is a botanical garden in Omaha, Nebraska. The garden hosts a variety of beautiful plants, gorgeous flowers and various species of herbs. Apart from being a host to many plant kingdom dweller, the garden is also a host to many beautiful and outlandish species from the animal kingdom. These garden conduct various programs and performances in order to entertain the guests.

12The OPPD Arboretum

OPPD Arboretum
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The OPPD Arboretum is a splendid outdoor area for educational and learning purposes. First, the visitors here will be taught about the safety measures related to electricity. The aim of teaching such here is to teach and inform people how plant trees and maintain garden near power lines.

While paying a visit around the arboretum, one may notice that there are planned gardening area aimed at achieving some specific targets like attracting wildlife. Exploring this place will be a much entertaining activity.

13Old Market Omaha

Old Market Omaha
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The Old Market of Omaha, Nebraska is a place where you can find anything of your interest regardless of age and gender differences.

Almost anything you can imagine will be available there. There are shops for different apparels and clothes. There outlets for jewelry, furniture, households items and many more. There are also bookstores, selling books on a wide range of books.

For museum-loving people, there is a child instead of two other museums, where they can enjoy by exploring the museum.

14Omaha Culinary Tours

Omaha Culinary Tours

Being created by the native people of Omaha, Omaha Culinary Tours are the excellent sources of getting know with the Omaha’s food scene. All the available dishes are outstandingly delicious that will cater and satiate the even insatiable guests. Each of these tours will teach something culinary if anyone is interested in learning some culinary masterpiece. Enjoy eating and enjoy learning about the Omaha Culinary Tours.

15Lewis and Clark Landing

Lewis and Clark Landing omaha
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Lewis and Clark Landing is the Downtown Omaha’s one of the top public parks. This was the place where the Lewis and Clarke Expedition took place to explore the place which was bought by the United States from France through the famous Louisiana Purchase. The parks feature many attractions including walking, bike trails.

Throughout its history, the city of Omaha, Nebraska has been witnessing many developments and transcended into big city from a small town. Deep research on the things to do in Omaha Nebraska highlight some outstanding features of the city that make the must to visit tourist spot.