things to do in rochester ny

Things to do in Rochester NY | Lies in western New York on the shore of River Ontario, Rochester is city having a population of more than 210 million people. Rochester is metropolitan city and it is the administrative seat of the County Monroe.

It is the 3rd most populous city in the United States of America’s state of New York. Being a manufacturing hub, Rochester is considered one the boomtowns of America. The city has economic importance in New York State. It falls in the economic category as the second largest region. Its performance on the economic index has always been high. There are many more reasons that make this city a favorite tourist destination.

Some of many fun things to do in Rochester NY (New York) have been highlighted in this articles in order enlighten the readers about this amazing city.

1Artisan Works Rochester NY

Artisan Works Rochester NY

Artisan works provide help to local artists through various art programs. It offers an awesome service to the community. Once experience a unique artistic creation. When an art lover walks in the Artisan Works Rochester NY, he finds much inspiration here. The artists residing here are so creative and inspiring.

They design wonderful artworks that tell and educates the visitors about how artworks can be unique. The artworks here teach the guests about the whole process of art. The tours that are guided by groups such as school students groups, college students groups, and other such group are frequently arranged here.

2The Strong National Museum of Play

Strong National Museum of Play

Having an exhibit area of 150 thousand square feet, The Strong National Museum of Play is fully dedicated to books, magazines, dolls, toys, old carousels, boards games, and many more things. It hosts the butterfly garden which the only indoor garden for butterflies in the state of New York. The Strong Museum of Play is one the best museum the United States of America ever had.

The Strong has worldwide fame. The whole aim and purpose of this museum are to preserve the role of plays in human development. The museum researchers on the history of play with reference to human development and records the results in order to educate the visitors.

3Seneca Park Zoo

Seneca Park Zoo

The Seneca Park Zoo has an area of more than fifteen acres. This zoo is abundant with various species of animals belong to the different regions of the world. There are African elephants. There are Bornean Orangutan and the white rhinos.

You can watch animals in the water like the sea lions. You will the opportunity to interact with Polar Bear here too. Overall the Seneca Park Zoo comprises about a hundred different species. The zoo was opened in 1918. Initially, there were a few species of animals. Probably, there were some species of beers and a few birds.

Rocky Coast is the latest exhibit here that was opened in 1997 in order to provide more and natural habitat to animals.

4George Eastman Museum

George Eastman Museum
George Eastman Museum

Lies in the magnificent mansion, the Colonial Revival, the George Eastman Museum is the oldest museum that preserves the things related to photography. The museum host probably the worlds’ oldest archive for movies and films. The father of modern photography, George Eastman founded and completed the Colonial Revival mansion in 1905.

After his death, the University of Rochester got the ownership of the mansion. With due course of time, the university donated the areas to the museum as the museum has been dedicated to the great works of George Eastman. The museum has some great collections of different photographs.

5Seabreeze Amusement Park

Seabreeze Amusement Park

The Seabreeze Amusement Park is an old amusement, being opened in 1879. It is one the most amazing family park having great opportunities for entertainment. It has a big collection of wonderful attractions. The park hosts some more than seventy attractions. People of all ages would enjoy them.

There are fun rides and thrill rides. Bobsleds, Whirlwind, Bear Trax, Jacks Rabbit, Screaming Eagle, Log Fume and Revolution 360 are some wonder rides hosted by the Seabreeze Amusement Park. The water park here has a hydro racer and a wave pool. You are planning to visit this amusement, must visit it with your family.

6Memorial Art Gallery

Memorial Art Gallery
Memorial Art Gallery

The Memorial Art Gallery is an outstanding gallery of art that hosts a collection of more twelve thousand various objects on display. It was founded in 1913. The art collections here contain the works of the contemporary world throughout the twenty-first century. These collections have been brought from different parts of the globe. The campus spread over an area of fourteen acres.

The art gallery hosts many events like tours, concerts, learning activities, exhibitions, special lectures, temporary exhibitions and many more such events for the entertainment of the local inhabitants. The main aim of the Memorial Art Gallery is to enhance the capacity of the Rochester community and entertain them by employing creativity and other effective factors for the welfare of society.

7Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse

Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse
Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse

The Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse is located on the Ontario Lake. It is one of the oldest lighthouses of the city of Rochester. The lighthouse was made in 1822, and it was renovated in 2014. This lighthouse has two towers and both of them were restored, and some replica lenses have beautifully been installed.

The towers are forty feet high that have stairs to climb up. The Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse is open for general public. The visitors can enjoy a tower tour too. This lighthouse must be on your attraction list if you are thinking to visit the city of Rochester.

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8High Fall Interpretive Centre and Museum

High Fall Interpretive Centre and Museum

Being an interactive museum, the High Fall Interpretive Centre and Museum enlighten its guests with local history in an exciting way. The museum contains in it a long history of the Rochester city. It tells its visitor the fascinating history by starting from back into the century. It preserves the pre-historic history of the area.

The museum offers an excellent account the history of spans to the current century. By visiting the place, the guests will come to know how the early settlement formed here and how they evolve with the passage of time. One can witness here the factors that helped transform this area from a small village to a huge industrial city.

9Rochester Museum and Science Centre

Rochester Museum and Science Centre

Everything we encounter in our daily lives has some link to science like from flying balloons to the lightings in a room. While visiting the Rochester Museum Science Centre, you would wonder how science affects our daily routines.

This museum has some more than two hundred collections and displays that include exiting shows and many natural wonders. This science center hosts more than one million various scientific items that trigger one’s mind and compel it to think about how science can change our lives.

10Finger Lakes Wine Country

Finger Lakes Wine Country

The Finger Lakes Wine Country produces some of the finest wine the country ever has produced. The name Finger Lakes are given to those eleven lakes that are long and narrow flowing the central New York.

The deep lakes protect the grapes that are used to make wines. Owing to this factor there are more a hundred wineries producing some of tastiest wines that the United States of America ever tasted. Hence many wine lovers from all over the globe visit this area every year.

11Rochester City Ballet

Rochester City Ballet
Rochester City Ballet

This dancing company established in 1987, and since then it has been performing contemporary ballets. Since its inception, the company has been playing its role to enhance the quality of life the local community of the Rochester city where many people get the chance to perform ballets.

12Theatre Young Kids Enjoy

Theatre Young Kids Enjoy

Being a non-profitable organization, the theatre hosts various shows that capture the attention of many children. The people who play the theatre are actually adult artists, but the stories are meant to educate and inspire the young ones. The costumes are selected carefully. Each performance has a well-chosen script too.

13Cobbs Hill Park

Cobbs Hill Park
Cobbs Hill Park

The Cobbs Hill Park’s scenic area that spreads over an area of more than a hundred acres offers its guests to enjoy some great recreational activities. This park is much popular among the hikers as it provides many attractions for them. The many attractions of the park include some playgrounds, basketball courts and many more. It is a worth visiting place.

14City Rochester Public Market

Rochester Public Market
Rochester Public Market

The Rochester Public Market is a beautiful marketplace where thousands of vendors show up daily. Many types of products are available here from fresh to general merchandises. It opens three days a week, but the market witness rush on Saturday.

15The Frontier Field

The Frontier Field

Located in the downtown area of the city Rochester, New York, this is perceived as one the most famous basketball stadium. It has more than ten thousands seats for the fans. Basically, it was designed a basketball stadium, yet the Frontier Field offers playing field for various sports like soccer.

The megacity of Rochester has an interesting history. The visitors especially those having an interest in history would have an opportunity to learn much about the history of the city by visiting various museums. The articles enrich your knowledge about some wonderful things to do in Rochester NY (New York).