things to do in toledo ohio

Things to do in Toledo Ohio | The city of Toledo is the county seat of the United States of America’s Locus County. Founded in 1888 by the Native American citizens, the city of Toledo lies on the western end of Erie Lake near the Michigan State’s border. The city grew and flourished after the establishment of Erie and Miami canals.

The lies on the railway line between the cities Chicago and New York. This is the seventy-1st largest city in the United States of America. The city is abundant with many glass manufacturers and eventually, the city was nicknamed as “The City of Glass.” The city has got an art community, business group, education system, and sports teams. The city, for you, will prove an amazing attraction where you with your friends and family can enjoy a long weekend and vocation.

By visiting the city of Toledo, the otherwise tiring vocations would turn into one your amazing memories. The article is aimed at enlightening you and help you explore some fun things to do in Toledo Ohio.

1Toledo Bars Downtown

Toledo Bars Downtown
Toledo Bars Downtown

The downtown Toledo hosts some fantastic nightclubs, bars, and restaurants where you can spend some amazing time enjoying fully. Toledo offers a perfect foundation for your trip and makes it one most memorable trip you ever had. There are many amazing restaurants that bars for their guests providing a wide range of quality drinks.

Some big names the city of Toledo has in bars and pubs are The Heights, Brownstone Tavern, Mutz Sports Bar, Mulvaney’s Bunker Irish Pub and Grub, Scene, Pad, and Dandy’s Sport’s Pun-N-Grill, Claddagh Pubs of Franklin Park, Bar Louie, Shawn’s Tavern and many more. Such pubs and bars make your visit worth remembering.

2Toledo Zoo

Toledo Zoo
Source : Wikimedia

Lies on the Hippo Way southwest of the downtown Toledo, the Toledo Zoo is one the extremely popular zoo the city of Toledo has. As the Toledo Zoological Gardens, the zoo was founded in 1900. This zoo was built by the Works Progress Administration. The Toledo Zoo, today, is quite famous as it uses some historic structures and buildings.

The Cheetah Valley, Tiger Terrace, The Kingdom of the Alps and the Arctic Encounter are some the many displays and exhibits the zoo is hosting today. The zoo also harbors an aquarium that contains some more three thousand uniquely interesting aquatic lives.

3Imagination Station

Imagination Centre
Imagination Station

The Imagination Station lies on the Discovery Way near the Maumee River’s riverfront. Formerly it was a science and industrial center. This science museum, now, offers a hands-on and interactive experience to its more than three-thousand scientific exhibits and displays.

A museum is an excellent place for a family visit as it lets its visitors and guests explore engineering, science, mathematics and the information technology in the possible fun way. In this way the visit enjoys this learning trip leaving a long-lasting memory. There are some other exhibits too like the Eat It Up that teaches much about nutrition and health in an excitingly fun way.

4National Museum of Great Lakes

National Museum of Great Lakes
National Museum of Great Lakes

Located on the River Maumee’s Bank, the National Museum of Great Lakes offer a fascinating account of the amazing Great Lakes. This museum is being operated by the Great Lakes Historical Society. This beautiful museum also consists of a maritime park spread over an area of 3.5 acres.

The National Museum of Great Lakes has some more than forty exhibits. These displays comprise more than 250 artifacts and photographs related to the amazing Great Lakes. A museum is also a wonderful place that provides space for many modern events administered by different groups.

5Tony Packo’s Cafe

Tony Packo’s Cafe

The Tony Packo’s Café has now existed at four different locations in the Toledo, Ohio. Packo, a Hungarian native invented it. After that, it became much famous owing to its innovative taste. Even many big celebrities visit here to taste the Hungarian hot dog dish with special bun and the special sauce.

Packo had its modest start some more than a hundred years ago in 1932. In the beginning, Pack has started a family restaurant where families used to come to enjoy at their full, making fun whole-heartedly without any embarrassment. Tony’s Packo Café will complete your trip.

6Toledo Botanical Garden

Toledo Botanical Garden
Toledo Botanical Garden

The Toledo Botanical Garden is located on the Elmer Drive, downtown Toledo. This garden is extended over an area of some sixty acres. This a public place. The garden charges no admission fee. It is the only botanical garden the area has that provides some top opportunities to its visit to explore the place and enjoy themselves.

Throughout the one can find scattered sculptures. The garden also comprises small areas dedicated to different purposes. There are herb gardens and several small green gardens providing many spaces for its guest to enjoy and make their journey to this garden memorable.

7Toledo Museum of Art

Toledo Museum of Art
Source : Wikimedia

Being of the most amazing attractions the city of Toledo ever had, the Toledo Museum of Art lies in the downtown Toledo’ Monroe Street. The amazing collections and attractions of this museum comprise some more than thirty-thousand works of art. Edward Drummond, a locally famous glass maker founded the Toledo Museum of Art in 1901.

Later in nineteen-twenties and nineteen-thirties, the museum was expanded in order to widen the museum.  This place hosts many artworks. The artworks related to American history, Greek history, Japanese history, Roman history, and the Renaissance have been preserved and featured in this amazing museum of art.

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8Wildwood Manor House

Wildwood Manor House
Source : Wikimedia

Wildwood Manor House is a Georgian Colonial house which entertains the common people without charging an admission fee. This house lies in Wildwood Preserve Metro-park on the West Central Avenue. Its location area is included in the downtown region of Toledo.

Various special programs, mega-events, and musical concerts have been hosted by this house. This house is available for rent for many activities and exclusive functions like marriage ceremonies, birthday parties and so on.

9Toledo Flavours Food Tours

Toledo Flavours Food Tours

The Toledo Flavours Food Tours were initiated in 2014 by a team involving a mother and her daughter. With the aim of helping the people, they started telling people about the special foods available in the city of Toledo. The tours start near the Maumee River at the point where the Washing Street and the South Superior Street intersects in the downtown area of Toledo.

The guests have the opportunity to taste many foods from different places. They can taste coffee, bakery stuff, restaurant foods, various wines at different pubs and bars and so on.

10Registry Bistro

Registry Bistro toledo
Registry Bistro Toledo

Registry Bistro is located in the old Sector Hotel that initially was a hotel. The area where the Registry Bistro lies is the entertainment heart of the Toledo city. Today the building hosts many tenants, Registry Bistro being the prominent one.

It has soft grey walls, wooden furniture. The French door of Registry Bistro is quite magnificent. This amazing door opens towards the outside dining area. The menu at the kitchen of Registry Bistro is a mixture of modern and classic recipes.

11Revolution Grille

Revolution Grille
Source : Yelp

Revolution Grille has literally been creating a revolution in the city of Toledo. This an amazing restaurant that serves its guest in quite a unique way. This hotel serves its customers with traditional American recipes in a much refreshing way. The guests can watch the staffs working in the kitchen which is a thrilling experience. The ingredients at the Revolution Grille are fresh.

12Nightlife Toledo Ohio

Nightlife Toledo Ohio
Nightlife Toledo Ohio

Ohio serves its guest at incredibly low prices. The city hosts dance clubs, bars, and pubs. There are many top restaurants. Toledo’s name falls among the top cities that offer great nightlife services. Some famous and best nightlife Toledo Ohio include Rhouse Bar, Chasers, Rockets Lounge, the Attic on Adams, the Four Horsemen and many more.

13Real Seafood Company

Real Seafood Company toledo

The Real Seafood Company is located at the Toledo Docks. It is one of Toledo’s luxurious restaurants. The view of the Maumee River from the restaurant makes this company a spectacularly amazing restaurant.

The restaurant is famous for its ambiance. The original pieces of art hanging on the walls make the restaurant special. The chef here serves the guests with some delicious seafood including the fish.

14Oak Openings Preserve

Oak openings preserve
Oak openings preserve

The Oak Opening Preserve lies on the Girdham Road which a part of southwest of downtown Toledo. It is one of the largest natural parks in the city of Toledo ever had. Being an interactive center, the Oak Opening Preserve suits for camping purposes.

15Maumee Bay Brew Pub

Maumee Bay Brew Pub
Maumee Bay Brew Pub

The Maumee Bay Brew Pub is quite famous in the region. It serves various types of beers and tastes American foods to its guests. Pizza and burgers are well-known in the foods. The pub remains closed only on Sunday.

Toledo, Ohio is a city that is quite a famous city among tourists. The city is an extension of the settlements around the two rivers. This region has a history where people belong to various cultures lived and flourished here.

Toledo of Ohio has always been a tourist for decades. The things to do in Toledo Ohio listed in this article help the readers explore this place well.