things to do in wichita ks
things to do in wichita ks

Things to do in Wichita KS | Situated in Kansas River region, The Wichita is the largest city in the United States of America’s state of Kansas. It is the administrative seat of the Sedgwick County. Owing to the presence of Kansas and the Little Kansas Rivers, the history of the city goes back into centuries.

Early settlement started here in about three-thousand B.C., and in the age of discovery, some Spanish expedition discovered the city of Wichita. In later time the territory was claimed by France and make it a part of Louisiana. American bought the city as part of Louisiana Purchase and make a part of the Kansas territory. In 1861 it became part of Louisiana State. The city of Wichita has an important role in the history of the United States of America.

The city has been a favorite destination for many tourists. This article will bring to light some fun things to do in Wichita KS (Kansas).

1Shopping in Wichita KS

shopping in wichita ks
shopping in wichita ks

As a favorite destination for shopping, Wichita offers its visitors the chances to shop anything they want. There is a gift shop from where you can gift for anniversaries like birthdays and marriage ceremonies. There is a shopping center where you can get decorative pieces for your homes.

There are a variety of shops in the Downtown and Old Town Wichita where you can do shopping for anything of your choice. Towne East Square, Towne West Square, New Market Square, Bradley Fair, and Parklane Shopping Centre are some of many excellent shopping centers in Wichita, Kansas.

2Exploration Place

Exploration Place
Source : Wikimedia

Located in the downtown area, Exploration Place is a museum for scientific learning purpose. Extend over an area of twenty acres, this is a unique building. The unique structured building has many exhibits in it that provide much hands-on learning experiences to the guests.

This is a place best suitable for family visits. There are much, for kids, to learn from. This museum engages its visitors with much entertainment. The permanent exhibits of Exploration Place include the dinosaur exhibit and space and flight exhibits. Explore the place with your kid as there are much to enjoy with and learn from.

3The Botanica Garden

The Botanica Garden
Source : Flickr

The Botanica Garden covers an area of twenty acres. It is an amazing collection of themed gardens. These various gardens include a rose garden, Shakespeare garden, butterfly garden, a rock garden, juniper garden, and many more gardens. There is also a children garden that provides learning and entertainment opportunities for the kids to explore and get acquainted with the environment.

The garden hosts various events throughout the year. It holds events, ceremonies, and concerts. The seasonal events in the garden include the summer series of concerts. There is also a butterfly concert. Many holidays events and festivals are held here. The garden also holds a workshop and classes for the visitors.

4Museum of World Treasures

Museum of world treasures
Museum of world treasures

It is a marvelous museum themed on world history. The exhibits and displays contain a variety of collections spanning throughout the history of mankind. One of its floors harbors some big specimen the largest yet extinct animals in the history of human beings- the dinosaurs. The museum tells and preserves the history of some big human civilizations like the Egyptian civilization and Greek civilization.

The museum also stores the world military history including the war artifacts. It features the world biggest leaders. It preserves the signatures of the United States of America. The museum contains many other artifacts related to art and literature. There are movies collection and sports artifacts. In nutshell, this is a must visit a museum that offers its visitors much to enjoy with and learn from.

5Old Cowtown Museum

Old Cowtown Museum
Old Cowtown Museum

Situated on the bank of the River Kansas, the Old Cowtown Museum is a collection of recreational buildings having historical importance. The Old Cowtown Museum is located a bit far from the downtown city of Wichita, Kansas. The museum is one the oldest museum in the region which portrays the history of the city some two-hundred year back.

The museum offers its visitor a hands-on learning experience of the many things it has. There are different authentic artifacts and period costumes. The museum also sets educational programs for the guests.

6Entrap Games Wichita

Entrap Games Wichita
Entrap Games Wichita

Entrap games are gaining popularity in the United States of America. These game are relatively new games based on puzzles. Being wide popular in a huge chunk of adults in the country, the players and teammates in this game have sixty minutes to go through the puzzles and solve them.

The players enjoy these puzzling step and enter into an escape room. This is a much exhilarating game. For this games, Wichita is quite famous. Playing entrap games Wichita, you can lock yourself in an escape room, and your time with your family and friends.

7Sedgwick County Zoo

Sedgwick County Zoo
Source : Flickr

Being a community park for wildlife, the Sedgwick County Zoo is one of the top attractions for tourists and visitors. The zoo hosts some three thousands different animals and four-hundred varied species. The county zoo conducts successful breeding of rare and endangered species. Its conservation program is well-known throughout the globe.

The animal park features reptiles, amphibians, and many other animals belong to world different regions like Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe. There is a replica village based on a village in Congo. The Sedgwick County Zoo features many more amazing things and various attractions. Explore this wonderful place with your family and friend and enjoy at your full.

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8Great Plains Nature Centre

Great Plains Nature Centre
Source : Facebook

Preserving the outdoor and indoor natural scenes, Great Plain Nature Centre literate its guests and visitors about the animal and plant lives of the Great Plains regions. The large complex exhibits the natural ecosystem of the regions.

The main purpose of the center is to connect the public and with nature. This people and nature contact creates inspire learning through massive engagements.

9Wichita Toy Train Museum

Wichita Toy Train Museum
Source : Facebook

A group of enthusiasts and collectors of toy train take care of and manage this museum. Some unique collections of trains have been stored in this museum. A rare collection of pieces have been installed in galleries. The display is some fifty feet long.

This display has various stuff related to trains. Most of these parts are only for viewing. There is some stuff where the guests can have a hands-on experience. Enjoy visiting this amazing museum with your kids.

10Mid-America All-Indian Centre

Mid-America All-Indian Centre
Mid-America All-Indian Centre

This museum tells a lot about the native people of the United States of America. Although this is a local museum, it entertains its guests in such a manner that they learn much about the culture and history of the native people. The Mid-American All-Indian Centre is an exclusively local institution having some unique and authentic artifacts.

11Wichita Symphony Orchestra

Wichita Symphony Orchestra
Source : Facebook

Being one of its own kind, Wichita Symphony Orchestra has been performing since 1944. The musical organization is associated with the music department of Wichita State University. It consists of three music performing groups. The Wichita Symphony Orchestra arrange music programs throughout the year.

The performances include pop music to many classic collections. It a favorite destination for those people who has a taste for music.

12Frank Lloyd Wright’s Allen House

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Allen House
Source : Facebook

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, this house engages visitors with natural landscapes. This house reflects the designer reflections about the living in Prairie. This house was designed in 1915. It was renovated and brought to its actual shape.

This house now acts as a museum and tell its guest about the Wright works of architecture and the philosophy behind all these works.

13Escape Rooms Wichita

Escape Rooms Wichita
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Wichita hosts a variety of escape rooms. Escape rooms Wichita include some amazing names like Wichita Room Escape, WeXcape Wichita-Escape Room, Key Quest Escape Room Wichita, The Room-Wichita, The Art of Escape, Escapology and Puzzle Plex.

These are the place where you can go and play the puzzle game and enter in an escape room of any of these.

14Century II Performing Arts and Convention Centre

Century II Performing Arts and Convention Centre
Source : Wikimedia

This convention center is located in Wichita’s downtown area. It is a community center which hosts many performances. It is the largest center the city ever has that provides opportunities for different performances. Several local music groups perform at the Century II Performing Arts and Convention Centre.

15Old Town

Old Town
Old Town

The town has is a historic district having bricked streets. There are many attractions. These attractions include restaurants, shops, bars, and many other entertainment centers. There are also art galleries that serve the general public. This district is a central place which hosts many cultural programs like many festivals and other related seasonal events.

The city of Wichita, Kansas is well-known as “The Air Capital of the World” owing to the massive production of aircraft. This city is also an industrial hub. Being the largest city, it is a central area for trade and media. The city is also a cultural center.

The city has many attractions for visitors. The city hosts Kansas largest airport. This list of things to do in Wichita KS (Kansas) will help you explore this city.