Toledo Botanical Garden
Toledo Botanical Garden

Our mission: Toledo Botanical Garden inspires and nurtures the joy of growing through stewardship of horticulture, the arts, and nature.

Toledo Botanical Garden is …

  • A center for arts and horticulture
  • Region’s only botanical garden
  • Home to over 125 community gardens and a dynamic urban agriculture center
  • Free to the public

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History of Toledo Botanical Garden

Toledo Botanical Garden started in 1964 with the gift of 20 acres of private land to the City of Toledo by George P. Crosby to create an open park.

Toledo Botanical Garden
 Toledo Botanical Garden

The vision which City Welfare Director Elmer Hinkleman had for the new site included making a center for gardening and the arts in the community. In 1967, the City set up the George P. Crosby Park Board to administer the activity of and programming at the recently opened garden.

2015 commended 50 years of sustaining the delight of developing, as Toledo Botanical Garden keeps on advancing and bring new resources and experiences, and excellence to the Toledo region.

Garden Etiquette

Toledo Botanical Garden is a living museum with a code of etiquette that we ask our visitors to respect. For the safety and enjoyment of all of our guests and our property, we thank you for following the guidelines below:

toledo garden
 Toledo Garden
  • Pets: Pets are not allowed at the Garden. Service animals are permitted but only on the paths.
  • Bicycles: Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, skates and other similar equipment are prohibited.
  • Plants: Do not touch any plant. Walk only on paved surfaces, paths, and lawn areas. Do not sit or stand on garden beds.
  • Signage: Please obey all signages, such as “Authorized Vehicles Only”,  “Do Not Enter” and “Do Not Feed the Birds”.
  • Garbage: Do not litter.
  • Sports: Play games and sports are not allowed within the premises as they may damage plants.
  • Water: Please do not pollute the water. Do not Swim or catch fish.


Flower Festivals 2019

It appears the winter is digging in for the long haul, yet in the event that you as of now long for petal snow, begin considering the greatest blossom celebrations around the nation ahead of time and get arranging.

You can discover occasions celebrating different blossoms from pre-spring right through summer. Wherever you go this year, plan to put in a couple of days at that area to truly appreciate the blossoms and to ensure no awful climate will get in your direction.

1. Tulip Time Festival May 5-13 in Holland, Michigan

In the event that you don’t have an extravagance of making a trip to Holland in the Old Continent, do the second best thing and come to Michigan. This is pass on the biggest convergence of tulips in North America, where around 5 million Dutch enlivened tulips engage guests with colors to appear in May.

The fields are of 6 miles of tulip lines, which you can enjoy walking or from the trolley. Once you click photos at your heart’s content, enjoy the marches with customary Dutch dress and hand-made wooden shoes in plain view. Completion of the merriments with firecrackers after dark. This celebration is one of 20 best occasions on the planet, so come to take it all in!

2. Camellia Walks at Middleton Place February-March, Charleston, SC

Middleton Place is incorporated into the National Historical Landmark list and is the most seasoned arranged patio nursery in the United States. It was built up by French botanist Andre Michaux in 1786 with the primary camellias being brought here. A portion of those antiquated brambles still sprouts along with a large number of more current plants.

The grounds are rushing in whites, pinks, reds, and each shade in the middle of from mid-February as far as possible of March. You can take in every one of the destinations and fragrances all alone or join a guided visit.

3. International Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, Georgia, May 16-25

In 1949 one Macon businessmen found a blooming cherry in this patio and shared a few branches to other people. Today you will discover 300,000 of them in Macon, making it a surprising cherry capital.

Local people love their fruits and commend them with free shows, marches, and a bed race. Truly, bed race, where individuals with blooms in their hair travel to every part of the roads on their sleeping cushions – an oddly excellent site.

botanical garden
botanical garden
4. National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C, March 20-April 15

In 1912, the Japanese gave 3,000 cherry trees to the US… Today you will discover more than 3,700 trees of 16 assortments along the Potomac River and around national landmarks. The first festival was in 1953 and got so huge that it currently draws in over 1.5 million guests each year.

You can invest your energy strolling or take in the magnificence of those trees from the waterway by means of water taxis, journey pontoons, or oar sheets. Instagrammers can even take visits with expert picture takers and become familiar with some things. A short time later joined the merriments in cherry bloom march and Japanese road celebration.

5. Lighted Dogwood Trail in Paducah, Kentucky, April

Come spring, Paducah ends up lit up with a large number of white and pink four-petaled blossoming trees. Dogwoods and other blooming trees line 12-mile long trail of memorable homes.

You can walk, bicycle, or drive on the trail. $1 trolley rides are available in April. The trail is outstanding amongst the most delightful neighborhood conventions, complete with workmanship and photography displays and showcases.

6. Rochester Lilac Festival in Rochester, New York, May 12-21

This ten-day occasion draws a huge number of guests every year rushing to see and smell more than 1,200 plants in Highland Park. This makes the biggest lilac fixation in the US. You can rest your eyes and treat you noses on more than 500 different assortments of this staggering plant.

Frederick Law Olmstead made the recreation center, which developed into the present celebration, complete with processions, expressions and specialties show, and commercial center, where you will get lilac scented soaps and different blessings aplenty.

7. Mackinac Island Lilac Festival in Mackinac Island, Michigan, June 8-17

The atmosphere of Mackinac Island is ideal for lilacs and they thank for it with dazzling expansive blooms and long lives. A portion of the brambles here go back to Victorian time and still put out a significant purple demonstrate each spring.

The island is without the vehicle, so it’s everything strolling, biking, and visiting delightful notable avenues by means of steed drawn carriages. You can likewise appreciate lilac developing courses and tune in to nearby people music for complete late-spring background.

8. Peony Festival in Oshawa, Ontario, June 9-10

Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens are well known for their peonies. More than 300 assortments develop and flourish there shading June with a blend of reds, burgundies, pinks, and whites.

This celebration crowns the blooming season and welcomes workmanship darlings from everywhere throughout the world to join craftsmanship shows and peony makes a decision about who take as much time as is needed and mastery to pass judgment on the most dynamite sprouts each year.

Toledo Botanical Garden
 Toledo Botanical Garden

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When can I visit Toledo Botanical Garden?

You can visit year-round during the daytime.

Is there any admission fee?

No, the entry is free.

Can I bring my pet?

No, you can not bring a pet along.

How can I contact the garden authorities?

Here are some contact number that might help you:

  • Children’s Education 419-536-5589
  • Corporate Sponsorship 419-720-8714
  • Donations 419-720-0714
  • Facility Rentals 419-407-9700
  • Horticulture Questions 419-578-6783
  • Special Events 419-407-9700
  • Toledo GROWs 419-720-8714
  • Visitor Services 419-407-9700
  • Volunteers 419-536-5592
  • Weddings 419-407-9700

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