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Toledo Zoo focuses on inspiring to care about creatures and monitoring the conserving the environment. As a feature of that mission, Toledo Zoo is certified by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), an innovator in worldwide natural life protection.

Super care of animals is the responsibility of AZA parts foundations. It provides an extraordinary experience for visitors and a superior future for every living thing.

Learn About Our Animals

Home to more than 10,000 animals to more than 720 species. With an end goal to save endangered wildlife w,e take part in excess of 80 Species Survival Plans that guarantee sound, hereditarily differing Zoo populaces. Travel the world over from the tropics to Greenland, sea to sky and betray to the rainforest in one Zoo visit.


The Toledo Zoo’s Conversation Efforts

The Zoo sends many representatives over the globe to direct research, take an interest in animal rehabilitation and implement conservation programs to better the lives of animals and our ecosystem.

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The Zoo remembers about its very own lawn, however, as our Wild Toledo program does one of a kind protection work in northwest Ohio. As a guest, part, volunteer or worker at the Zoo, it is anything but difficult to see and welcome the widely acclaimed protection endeavors set forth by the Toledo Zoo.



Apart from the various awards and accolades that the zoo has won over the years, here are some prominent ones:

  • 1999- The renovations of the Aviary received an exhibit of the year award from the AZA
  • 2011- Nature’s Neighborhood received an exhibit of the year award from the AZA
  • 2012- The named the catering and sales department in their Best of Weddings as Brides’ Choice.
  • 2013- For the second consecutive year the named the catering and sales department in their Best of Weddings as Brides’ Choice (second year in a row).
  • 2014
    • In 2014 the Toledo Zoo was named the Best Zoo in America by USA Today.
    • The Ohio State House of Representatives also honored the Toledo Zoo as the #1 zoo in the state of Ohio.
  • 2015- The Renovations on the Aquarium also received the 2015 Build Ohio Award
  • 2016- The Lights Before Christmas was named the #1 Zoo Lights Display in America by USA Today
  • 2017- They also received an award from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife with the 2017 Wildlife Diversity Conservation Award.
  • 2018- The Toledo Zoo & Aquarium was named 7th on for having “weird animals” among 50 zoos in the US.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are zoo and aquarium attached?

Can I bring my pet along?
Not allowed.

Do I have to pay extra for the aquarium?
No, you do not have to pay extra.

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